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Coronavirus response: NATO Foreign Ministers to address COVID-19 crisis

NATO Foreign Ministers will meet via secure video conference for the first time on Thursday (2 April 2020), with the COVID-19 crisis at the top of the agenda. They will assess further measures NATO and Allies can take to enhance the collective fight against the virus.
02 Apr. 2020

EADRCC - COVID-19 : Situation reports and overviews

Completed and ongoing bilateral offers of humanitarian assistance through the EADRCC, and other bilateral offers of humanitarian assistance reported to the EADRCC.
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Coronavirus response: Airlift brings urgent medical supplies to the Czech Republic

A cargo plane carrying several tons of urgent medical supplies from China, including vital respirators and facemasks, landed at Pardubice airport in the Czech Republic on Tuesday evening (30 March 2020) to help combat the coronavirus.
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Republic of Moldova requests international assistance in their response to COVID-19

On 1 April, the EADRCC has received a request for international assistance from the Government of the Republic of Moldova in its response to the global pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19.
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Coronavirus response: Turkish medical aid arrives in Spain and Italy

An A-400M cargo plane of the Turkish Air Force carrying medical supplies donated by Turkey reached Spain and Italy on Wednesday (1 April 2020) as part of Allied efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The aircraft landed first at Torrejón Air Base for further distribution of the supplies by the Spanish authorities.
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Coronavirus response: NATO Allies cooperate with private sector and academia, making 3D printing an essential contribution in the fight against COVID 19 pandemic

NATO Allies have joined efforts with private companies and academic institutions in the fight against the global pandemic of the Coronavirus. These efforts include making 3D printing available to produce ventilator masks, which represent a crucial component of the medical equipment required to treat patients hit by the Coronavirus.
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Coronavirus response to top NATO Ministerial agenda

NATO Foreign Ministers will hold a meeting by secure videoconference on Thursday (2 April 2020) to address the Alliance’s response to the coronavirus and other key issues for the Alliance.
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Coronavirus response: NATO supports Luxembourg, increasing hospital capacity

NATO is supporting Luxembourg’s efforts to tackle COVID-19, providing around 1200 m² of field hospital tents to increase the capacity of the Centre Hospitalier du Luxembourg (CHL). On Monday (30 March 2020), a team of experts from the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), working closely with the Luxembourg Army, led the construction of multiple field hospital tents, equipping the CHL with 200 additional beds to treat COVID-19 patients.
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Secretary General appoints group as part of NATO reflection process

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced the appointment of a group of experts on Tuesday (31 March 2020) to support his work in a reflection process to further strengthen NATO’s political dimension. The group of five men and five women will be co-chaired by Thomas de Maizière and Wess Mitchell, and will report to the Secretary General.
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North Macedonia requests international assistance in the fight against COVID-19

North Macedonia is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, with a total number up to 285 confirmed cases on 30 March 2020. The capital city of Skopje is most affected with 164 cases. North Macedonia is requesting, i.a, gloves, protective suits and goggles, and surgical masks.

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