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20 Jun. 2017

Secretary General visits NATO battlegroups training together in Lithuania

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg watched two of NATO’s battlegroups train in Lithuania on Tuesday (20 June 2017). Mr. Stoltenberg observed a river crossing by Allied forces and then met troops taking part in Exercise Iron Wolf. Germany leads the NATO battlegroup in Lithuania, and for the first time it trained with the US-led battlegroup based in Poland. On Monday (19 June 2017) the Secretary General welcomed the Canadian forces which are leading the battlegroup stationed in Latvia. The United Kingdom commands a similar NATO force in Estonia.

25 May. 2017

NATO leaders dedicate Berlin Wall and 9/11 and Article 5 memorials

Ahead of the meeting of the NATO leaders today (25 May 2017), German Chancellor Angela Merkel dedicated the Berlin Wall Memorial, and US President Donald Trump the 9/11 and Article 5 Memorial, at NATO’s new headquarters in Brussels. Addressing Allied leaders, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the memorials showed “NATO will always defend the values on which our Alliance is founded”.

20 Feb. 2017

Secretary General welcomes US Vice President to NATO headquarters

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed US Vice President Mike Pence to NATO Headquarters on Monday (20 February 2017), and thanked him for America’s unwavering commitment to the transatlantic bond.

17 Feb. 2017

NATO Secretary General: need for transatlantic bond stronger than ever

Attending the Munich Security Conference on Friday and Saturday (17-18 February 2017), NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the need for Europe and North America to work together was stronger than ever in times of turmoil and unpredictability. The Secretary General stressed the importance of fair burden-sharing, noting that all 28 Allies have made clear commitments to increase defence spending.

15 Feb. 2017

NATO Secretary General: We are all safer when we stand together

NATO Allies agreed on the importance of the transatlantic bond in facing key security challenges on Wednesday (15 February 2017). Addressing the media, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noted that Ministers discussed the Alliance’s continuous adaption and how to sustain and speed up the positive momentum on defence spending.

27 Oct. 2016

NATO Secretary General: We are as united as ever

NATO Defence Ministers wrapped up two days of talks in Brussels on Thursday, which marked progress in creating four NATO battalions in the Baltic States and Poland, closer cooperation with the European Union and training for Iraqi officers. “Over the past two days, we assessed the various challenges confronting NATO,” said Secretary General Stoltenberg. “We took stock of our progress since the Warsaw Summit – and we mapped out the road ahead. We are as united as ever in our determination to protect our citizens.”

8 Jul. 2016

NATO leaders bolster collective deterrence and defence

NATO’s 28 leaders took decisions to bolster the Alliance’s deterrence and defence at the first working session of the Warsaw Summit on Friday (8 July 2016). The leaders decided to send more forces to the eastern part of the Alliance, declared a milestone for Ballistic Missile Defence, and decided to recognise cyberspace as an operational domain. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed the result, saying “the decisions we have taken today will help keep our nations safe in a more dangerous world.”

14 Jun. 2016

NATO Defence Ministers agree to enhance collective defence and deterrence

NATO Defence Ministers agreed on important measures to strengthen the Alliance’s defence and deterrence on Tuesday (14 June 2016). “NATO will deploy by rotation four robust multinational battalions to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. And I welcome the commitments made by many Allies today to contribute,” said the Secretary General. He stressed that this sends a clear message that if any Ally is attacked, the whole Alliance will respond as one.

12 May. 2016

''Defending our nations from ballistic missile threats'' - Opinion piece by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

6 May. 2016

Chairman of the NATO Military Committee praises France’s significant contributions to Collective Defence

While in France (2 - 4 May 2016), General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee met with the Chief of Defence of the French Armed Forces, General Pierre de Villiers and staff of the Centre for Planning and Conduct of Operations (CPCO), General Christophe Gomart, Head of French Military Intelligence, Vice-Admiral Jean Casabianca, Chief of the Military Staff to the Minister of Defence, Mr. Nicolas de Rivière, Director General of Political Affairs and Security in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Mr. Claude Bartolone, President of the National Assembly, and with the Commission of Defence and Foreign Affairs of the Senate.

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