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21 May. 2015 150520_Afghan-029_crop.jpg - 150520_Afghan-029_crop.jpg, 62.75KB

SILK-Afghanistan: 10 years of promoting internet connectivity in Afghanistan

Representatives from the Afghan government, the European Commission and NATO came together for a two-day workshop last week to take stock of the achievements of the SILK-Afghanistan programme, assess current needs, and set out a plan to ensure a sustainable future for the initiative.
29 May. 2013 130529-silk-vtc4.jpg - 130529-silk-vtc4.jpg, 24.93KB

SILK-Afghanistan 2.0: Internet connectivity programme increases its sustainability

A ceremony to launch the second phase of the SILK-Afghanistan programme, which provides high-speed internet access to Afghan universities and some governmental institutions, took place on 29 May. The signature of a contract between Afghan Telecom and NATO signals a shift from the use of satellites towards fibre-optic communications. This is a more sustainable solution going forward and will help prepare the way for an eventual handover of the network to a European Union funding mechanism in the future.
08 Jun. 2011 110608-silk.jpg - 110608-silk.jpg, 75.19KB

Internet access is changing teaching methods in Afghanistan

"In the time that the world was being bombarded with technology, Afghanistan was being bombarded with real bombs," says Susan Atai, a computer science student at Herat University. Decades of conflict and poor governance left Afghanistan’s academic institutions without adequate facilities. But things are changing, thanks to a NATO-sponsored project which is providing internet connectivity to over 70 000 students in universities in the capital and provinces.
19 Oct. 2010 101018-silk.jpg - 101018-silk.jpg, 33.41KB

Expansion of SILK-Afghanistan connects additional 9000 students to global information highway

An expansion of the NATO-funded SILK-Afghanistan Programme will provide free high-speed internet access to 9000 additional university students and their teaching staff from seven different provinces.
21 Dec. 2009 091221-afgh-internet.jpg, 64.14KB

NATO to expand Internet connectivity in Afghanistan

On 21 December 2009, the NATO C3 Agency and the Public Diplomacy Division of NATO have completed the signature process of the Letter of Agreement in support of the “SILK-Afghanistan” project. This is a significant step towards expanding broadband Internet connectivity for higher education throughout the provinces in Afghanistan.
05 Nov. 2009 091103-silk-highway.jpg, 18.70KB

NATO SILK board looks at future of computer networks in the Caucasus, Central Asia and Afghanistan

From 3 to 6 November, the supervisory board of the Virtual Silk Highway (SILK) project is holding its 20th meeting at NATO Headquarters to discuss the way ahead for Internet connectivity among academic communities in the Caucasus, Central Asia and Afghanistan.
22 Jul. 2009 090612e-003 Graduation ceremony for Afghan IT managers, 79.07KB

Connecting to modernity

Mujibudrahman, 31, from Kabul, and Badam, 30, from Nangarhar, are having lunch on the patio of a Brussels restaurant with eleven other Afghan professionals in information technology. Later that afternoon, a ceremony is to be held at NATO Headquarters in their honor. Then they will return to Afghanistan, where an important task awaits them.
03 Jun. 2009

Afghan trainees help expand NATO internet connectivity programme

On 25 May, thirteen young Afghan professionals in information technology began a three-week-long Advanced Training Course, “Managing an Academic Network,” at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Provided with scholarships, travel, and living expenses by NATO’s Science for Peace and Security Programme, the students aim to gain the technical skills to extend the “NATO Virtual Silk Highway” internet network beyond the University of Kabul and into universities throughout Afghanistan’s provinces.
10 Feb. 2009 080402-virtual-silk-highway.jpg, 64.40KB

Expanding internet connectivity in Afghanistan

Named after the Great Silk Road trading route linking Asia and Europe, the NATO Virtual Silk Highway (SILK) provides affordable, high-speed Internet access via satellite to the academic communities of the Caucasus and Central Asia. The SILK project is operational at Kabul University, Afghanistan, since 2006, and is now looking into expanding the network to the provinces.
02 Apr. 2008

Hello Kabul, this is Bucharest calling!

A new video teleconferencing (VTC) facility, made possible via the NATO Virtual Silk Highway project, connected students at the Young Atlanticist Summit in Bucharest on 2 and 3 April with their counterparts in Kabul University.

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