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21 Feb. 2023 230221-sac.jpg, 47.64KB

Earthquake relief: NATO Allies and partners airlift tents to Türkiye

A C-17 heavy cargo aircraft on Tuesday (21 February 2023) arrived at Incirlik airport in Türkiye carrying 500 tents for hundreds of people displaced by the devastating earthquakes that struck Türkiye in February.
22 Dec. 2020 200616-poland.jpg, 49.22KB

NATO responds to the COVID-19 pandemic throughout 2020, helping Allies and partners

Throughout 2020, NATO and Allied military personnel have been helping save lives by supporting civilian efforts against COVID-19, both in Allied and partner countries. In the first half of this year, some 350 flights delivered critical supplies around the world. Across the Alliance, almost half a million troops supported the civilian response, constructing almost 100 field hospitals, securing borders and helping with testing and transport.
18 Sep. 2020 200918i-009.jpg - United States delivers ventilators for NATO stockpile, 81.11KB

Coronavirus response: United States delivers ventilators for NATO stockpile

On Friday (18 September 2020), the United States donated 200 ventilators to a stockpile of medical supplies that NATO has established to respond to a potential second wave of COVID-19. The US Agency for International Development delivered the ventilators to the NATO Support and Procurement Agency’s Southern Operational Centre in Taranto, Italy. Civilian and military officials from Italy, the United States and other Allied countries attended the handover ceremony.
10 Aug. 2020 200810-dutch-search-rescue.jpg, 47.23KB

Dutch search and rescue team deploys to Lebanon, facilitated by NATO strategic airlift

The Netherlands has deployed its Dutch Urban Search and Rescue Team to Beirut, following the devastating explosions which rocked the Lebanese capital on 4 August.
27 Jun. 2020 200627a-002.jpg - RAF flights take UK aid-funded supplies to Africa to tackle coronavirus, 55.81KB

Coronavirus response: The United Kingdom flies medical equipment to West Africa following UN call for support

A UK Royal Air Force C-17 cargo aircraft departed for Accra, Ghana on Saturday (27 June 2020), carrying materials for the construction of a field hospital. This facility will be used for frontline aid workers in the region, to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.
03 Jun. 2020 200603-covid-salis-poland.jpg, 24.74KB

Coronavirus response: essential supplies airlifted to Poland

The NATO-supported Strategic Airlift International Solution (SALIS) executed a mission to Wroclaw today (3 June 2020), bringing 75 tonnes of equipment to Poland to help stem the spread of COVID-19. The AN-124 flight delivered face shields, a mask-making machine, protective clothing, and medical gloves. Requested by Poland’s Ministry of National Defence, this marks the fifth SALIS mission carried out in 2020 to support Poland’s efforts to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. In total, Poland has airlifted 299 tonnes of medical supplies through this programme.
08 Apr. 2020 200408-Zbor-Papa.jpg, 25.96KB

Coronavirus response: Third C-17 cargo plane lands in Romania with 100,000 protective suits

A military plane filled with 45 tons of medical supplies landed at Bucharest airport on Wednesday morning (8 April 2020). The C-17 Globemaster transport plane, which arrived from Seoul, carried 100,000 protective medical suits as part of efforts to combat the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The Romanian government had purchased the equipment.
02 Apr. 2020 200402-hq-30flags.jpg, 66.73KB

Coronavirus response: NATO Foreign Ministers to address COVID-19 crisis

NATO Foreign Ministers will meet via secure video conference for the first time on Thursday (2 April 2020), with the COVID-19 crisis at the top of the agenda. They will assess further measures NATO and Allies can take to enhance the collective fight against the virus.
01 Apr. 2020 200401-salis-cz.jpg, 25.16KB

Coronavirus response: Airlift brings urgent medical supplies to the Czech Republic

A cargo plane carrying several tons of urgent medical supplies from China, including vital respirators and facemasks, landed at Pardubice airport in the Czech Republic on Tuesday evening (30 March 2020) to help combat the coronavirus.
29 Mar. 2020 200329-spain-eadrcc.jpg, 24.82KB

Coronavirus response: Czech medical aid arrives in Spain, heads to Italy

A C-130 cargo plane of the Spanish Air Force carrying 10,000 protective medical suits donated by the Czech Republic reached Spain on Sunday (29 March 2020) as part of allied efforts to combat the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The aircraft, which also carried 90 respirators, landed at Torrejón air base for further distribution of the supplies by the Spanish authorities.

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