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10 Jun. 2022 220610-dib.JPG, 67.41KB

Georgia takes another step towards NATO interoperability

On 8 June 2022, the Defence Institution Building School - one of the flagship initiatives of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package - achieved a major milestone, as it was certified as a NATO accredited Education and Training Facility for a period of six years, by the Allied Command Transformation.
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NATO and Georgia mark the fifth year anniversary since the establishment of the Defence Institution Building School in Georgia

On 28 June 2021, the Director of the Defence Institution Building School in Georgia, Ms. Tea Nikolashvili, held a ceremony to commemorate five years of partnership with NATO for the professional and institutional development of Georgia’s defence and security establishment.
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Developing Afghan military faculty

NATO and high-level Afghan faculty from the Marshall Fahim National Defence University (MFNDU) in Kabul recently launched a Master Instructor Programme at the ADA University in Baku, Azerbaijan. The initiative was developed under NATO’s Defence Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP) with Afghanistan.
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Marking International Anti-Corruption Day

The United Nations General Assembly designated 9 December as International Anti-Corruption Day, when it adopted the UN Convention against Corruption in October 2003. The aim is to raise awareness of corruption and its impact on society, and to mobilize governments to tackle this threat to economic development, democracy and stability. NATO is playing its part to reduce the risk of corruption in the defence establishments of Allies and partners through the Building Integrity Initiative.
12 Nov. 2010 2010-11-12-afghan-national-army-nco-graduation.jpg - 2010-11-12-afghan-national-army-nco-graduation.jpg, 85.58KB

Afghanistan to be included in defence sector integrity-building initiative

On 2 November 2010, lead nations Norway, Poland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom signed the financial and executing agreements for the second phase of the Building Integrity (BI) Initiative. The programme, which aims to help Allied and Partner nations reduce corruption risks in the defence sector, will soon include a programme tailored for Afghanistan.
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Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council launches Phase II of Building Integrity Initiative

On 28 May 2010, the Political and Partnerships Committee in Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) format endorsed a proposal for Phase II of the Building Integrity (BI) Initiative that aims to reduce corruption in the defence sector.
30 Apr. 2010 100430-corruption.jpg, 48.49KB

NATO helps fight corruption in defence establishments

On 30 April, NATO and Switzerland launched the publication "Building Integrity and Reducing Corruption in Defence: A Compendium of Best Practices" at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.
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Building integrity: NATO/EAPC project helps tackle corruption in defence institutions

“Translating ‘integrity’ into Ukrainian is difficult,” explains Nataliya Altyntseva, a Captain in the Ukrainian Security Service who is coming to the end of a special six-month professional development traineeship at NATO Headquarters.
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NATO launches reference curriculum for defence institution building

Initially focused on increasing interoperability between NATO and Partner forces, the Alliance’s education and training programmes have been expanded to include defence reform. An important addition to this effort is the recently published Partnership Action Plan for Defence Institution Building (PAP-DIB) Reference Curriculum, which aims to provide NATO Partner countries with comprehensive learning objectives and curriculum support for academic courses focused on reforming or building defence institutions.

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