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23 Apr. 2024 2404023-nps.jpg, 32.43KB

Experts discuss emerging challenges to NATO nuclear deterrence in Skopje

NATO’s annual Nuclear Policy Symposium got underway on Tuesday (23 April 2024). Representatives from NATO, Allied governments, and experts from academia are in Skopje, North Macedonia to discuss current nuclear policy issues.
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NATO holds long-planned annual nuclear exercise

NATO will launch its long-planned annual nuclear exercise “Steadfast Noon” on Monday (16 October 2023) with up to 60 aircraft taking part in training flights over southern Europe.
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NATO nuclear experts discuss global challenges in Lisbon

NATO’s annual Nuclear Policy Symposium kicked off in Lisbon, Portugal, on Wednesday (27 September 2023). Held annually since 1992, the Symposium brings together experts, diplomats and senior officials, to discuss some of the biggest nuclear challenges facing the Alliance. Participants will also hear perspectives from Indo-Pacific partners.
28 Apr. 2023 230428-uk-naval-base.jpg - NATO COUNCIL AND COMMITTEE MEETING HMNB CLYDE, 63.95KB

NATO ambassadors, top military officials visit United Kingdom’s Clyde nuclear base

Ambassadors of NATO’s North Atlantic Council, military representatives from the NATO Military Committee and other senior military officials on Friday (28 April 2023), visited His Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde in Scotland, home to the United Kingdom’s independent nuclear deterrent. This was the second visit by the North Atlantic Council to an allied nuclear submarine base this month, following a visit to the French nuclear base of Ile Longue.
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NATO’s North Atlantic Council visits France’s Ile Longue nuclear base

The ambassadors of the North Atlantic Council visited the French nuclear base of Ile Longue on Thursday (6 April 2023) to emphasise the importance of nuclear deterrence at a time of unprecedented security challenges to the Alliance.
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NATO’s annual nuclear exercise gets underway

Air forces from across NATO will exercise nuclear deterrence capabilities involving dozens of aircraft over north-western Europe starting on Monday (17 October 2022). The exercise, which runs until 30 October, is a routine, recurring training activity and it is not linked to any current world events.
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NATO nuclear experts discuss global nuclear challenges

NATO’s annual Nuclear Policy Symposium got underway in Brussels on Wednesday (7 September 2022) with discussions on issues including Russia’s nuclear threats and weapons development, China’s rapid nuclear build-up and strategic arms control.
03 Nov. 2021 211103-sg-nucl-symp.jpg - NATO Secretary General addresses Nuclear Policy Symposium, 92.15KB

NATO Secretary General addresses annual Nuclear Policy Symposium

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg virtually addressed NATO’s annual Nuclear Policy Symposium on Wednesday (3 November 2021), saying that the Alliance is adapting to a more challenging security environment and responding to growing nuclear threats.
18 Oct. 2021 211018-flags.jpg, 76.54KB

NATO launches annual deterrence exercise

NATO kicked off its annual deterrence exercise on Monday (18 October 2021), with dozens of aircraft from across the Alliance practicing the defence of NATO’s European Allies. The week-long exercise, called “Steadfast Noon”, is taking place over southern Europe, and involves aircraft and personnel from 14 NATO countries.
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North Atlantic Council Statement as the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons Enters Into Force

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