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23 May. 2024 230317a-006.jpg - NATO Secretary General visits Norway, 81.12KB

NATO holds first meeting of Critical Undersea Infrastructure Network

Leading experts from across the Alliance met at NATO Headquarters on Thursday (23 May 2024) for the first meeting of NATO’s new Critical Undersea Infrastructure Network. With rising challenges to undersea infrastructure, the Alliance is putting in place new tools to enhance the security of undersea cables and pipelines and to monitor potential threats.
17 Apr. 2024 240417-digital-ocean.jpg - Digital Ocean Industry Symposium, 32.22KB

NATO and industry work together to strengthen maritime surveillance

On 16 - 17 April 2024, more than 200 industry representatives and government officials met at NATO Headquarters to address the most pressing challenges in the maritime domain. They reviewed how industry can better support NATO in the use of emerging and disruptive technologies for operational problems.
12 Apr. 2024 240409-dsg-london.jpg, 39.68KB

NATO Deputy Secretary General in London: we must continue to support Ukraine

On Tuesday (09 April 2024), NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană visited the Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) Headquarters in Northwood, United Kingdom.
06 Dec. 2023 231206-seabed-warfare-symposium.jpg, 92.37KB

Allies discuss threat to critical undersea infrastructure at Seabed Warfare Symposium

On Wednesday 6 December 2023 around one hundred experts from across the Alliance and partner countries gathered at NATO Headquarters in Brussels to discuss national and NATO perspectives on seabed warfare, including how current and future Allied maritime capabilities can effectively protect against the threats to critical undersea infrastructure.
14 Nov. 2023 231114-sg-eu-fac.jpg, 51.01KB

NATO Secretary General addresses protection of critical undersea infrastructure, support to Ukraine with EU Defence Ministers

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg participated in a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union with EU Defence Ministers in Brussels on Tuesday (14 November 2023) to discuss the protection of critical undersea infrastructure and the importance of continued support to Ukraine.
19 Oct. 2023 1702-awacs.jpg - 1702-awacs.jpg, 32.00KB

NATO steps up Baltic Sea patrols after subsea infrastructure damage

NATO and Allies are stepping up patrols in the Baltic Sea following recent damage to undersea infrastructure in the region. The increased measures include additional surveillance and reconnaissance flights, including with maritime patrol aircraft, NATO AWACS planes, and drones. A fleet of four NATO minehunters is also being dispatched to the area.
12 Oct. 2023 231012c-016.jpg - Meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Defence Ministers’ Session together with Sweden - Meeting of NATO Ministers of Defence - Brussels, 87.50KB

Defence Ministers address deterrence and defence, NATO missions, situation in the Middle East

NATO Defence Ministers wrapped up two days of meetings in Brussels on Thursday (12 October 2023), addressing the Alliance’s defence plans and operations, and meeting with their Israeli counterpart.
12 Oct. 2023 231012-digital-ocean.jpg, 55.71KB

NATO Defence Ministers launch initiative to enhance maritime surveillance capabilities

On 12 October 2023 NATO Defence Ministers and the Swedish Defence Minister endorsed the Digital Ocean Vision, a pioneering initiative to enhance NATO’s maritime situational awareness from seabed to space. The Digital Ocean initiative will transform Allied maritime domain awareness by enhancing coordination between national and Allied capabilities employed for maritime surveillance. This includes a broad range of assets from satellites to autonomous systems below, on, and above the sea.
19 Sep. 2023 230919-repmus.jpg, 61.99KB

NATO exercises with new maritime unmanned systems in Portugal

Two exercises focusing on the integration of new maritime technologies into NATO operations and the ability of autonomous underwater vehicles to operate together are being held in Portugal this month.
09 Sep. 2023 230909a-002.jpg - Northern Coasts exercise, 52.56KB

NATO navies hold annual Northern Coasts collective defence exercise in the Baltic Sea

Some 30 warships and 3,200 personnel from 15 nations will participate in the annual two-week naval exercise Northern Coasts, which starts on Saturday (9 September 2023) in the Baltic Sea, primarily off the coasts of Estonia and Latvia. Led by the German Navy, Northern Coasts is one of the biggest exercises in the region, and is focusing for the first time on high-end warfare and the collective defence of NATO Allies.

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