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29 Apr. 2022 220429-marcom.jpg, 44.53KB

NATO maritime groups train with Finland and Sweden

Ships from Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG1) and Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1) are currently in the Baltic Sea to exercise and conduct port visits in Finland and Sweden.
24 Jan. 2022 220124-us-carrier.jpg - The Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group is on a scheduled deployment in the U.S. Sixth Fleet area of operations in support of naval operations to maintain maritime stability and security., 51.16KB

US carrier strike group comes under NATO command in the Mediterranean

GAETA, Italy – Today (24 January 2022), Allied ships from the NATO Naval Striking and Support Forces Command and the U.S. Sixth Fleet initiated a series of patrolling activities across the Mediterranean Sea, within the framework of “Neptune Strike 2022.” Neptune Strike is a long-planned effort. It will be carried out until 4 February, and features the deployment of the USS Harry S. Truman Carrier aircraft carrier, along with its carrier strike group and air wing.
19 Jul. 2021 210719-Breeze21.jpg, 46.15KB

NATO ships exercise in the Black Sea

Over 2,000 forces and 30 ships are taking part in exercise Breeze 2021 in the Black Sea. The Bulgarian-led maritime exercise, which began on 12 July and wraps up today (19 July), involves forces from 14 NATO Allies and partners – Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the United States.
08 Feb. 2021 210208-marcom.jpg , 27.52KB

NATO maritime patrol underway in the Western Mediterranean

NATO has started its first focused maritime patrol of 2021 in the western Mediterranean. As part of NATO’s Sea Guardian operation, NATO ships will conduct routine counter-terrorism patrols and train with Allies and partners in the region. The ships will also hold a planned port visit in Tangiers, Morocco. Sea Guardian focused patrols are carried out six times a year in a designated geographic area of the Mediterranean. As part of the mandate, NATO vessels also interact with commercial ships to assess current maritime trends and share situational awareness.
28 Jan. 2021 210128-black-sea.jpg, 20.39KB

NATO Allied ships, aircraft patrol the Black Sea

United States Navy destroyer USS Porter entered the Black Sea on Thursday (28 January 2021) to conduct routine maritime security operations and to train with Allies and partners in the region. Porter is the third US navy ship to enter the Black Sea in recent days, joining guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook and replenishment oiler USNS Laramie.
25 Sep. 2020 200925-marcom.jpg, 27.34KB

Major NATO maritime exercise gets underway

NATO launched one of its main maritime exercises on Friday (25 September 2020) with more than 30 ships conducting manoeuvres off the coast of France. Exercise Dynamic Mariner will run until 8 October and will feature surface ships, submarines, maritime patrol aircraft and helicopters from seven NATO countries.
20 Aug. 2020 200820-snmcmg1.jpg, 72.67KB

NATO ships clear historic ordnance in the waters of northern Norway

Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG 1) has concluded a historical ordnance disposal operation along the north coast of Norway, in the Lofoten and Tromso areas, making them safer for fishermen, merchant shipping, underwater operations and civilian installations.
14 Aug. 2020 200814-hmcs.jpg, 25.81KB

NATO maritime and air forces train in the Baltic Sea

Allied ships and aircraft conducted air-maritime integration training in the Baltic Sea on Thursday (13 August 2020). En route to a port visit in Riga, Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 vessels HMCS Toronto and NRP Corte Real conducted air defence training with Spanish F-18 and French Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets participating in NATO's Baltic Air Policing mission. A NATO AWACS aircraft was on-site, providing surveillance of the ships' movements.
29 Jul. 2020 200729-brasseur.jpg, 73.77KB

Meet Michael Brasseur, a US Navy officer promoting use of drones to protect the seas

Michael Brasseur is a naval warfare expert at the US Mission to NATO. This former captain of two warships who has sailed and served all over the world, now works at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Together with experts from other NATO Allies, he is working to help enhance the Alliance’s technological edge on critical maritime capabilities.
22 Jul. 2020 200722-marcom.jpg, 48.47KB

NATO forces take part in exercise Sea Breeze in the Black Sea

Standing NATO Maritime Group Two is taking part in the multinational exercise Sea Breeze, which began on Monday (20 July 2020) in the Black Sea. The annual exercise, now in its 20th iteration, is co-hosted by the United States and Ukraine, and aims to strengthen maritime security in the Black Sea region.

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