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30 Dec. 2019 191230-poland-nato.jpg - 191230-poland-nato.jpg, 21.56KB

Poland takes charge of NATO high readiness force

The Polish army will take the lead of NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) on Wednesday (1 January 2020), placing thousands of soldiers on standby and ready to deploy within days. Poland takes over from Germany, which provided the core of the VJTF’s land forces in 2019.
16 Jan. 2019 190116-USS GRAVELY.jpg - 190116-USS GRAVELY.jpg, 42.36KB

US and Denmark take command of two NATO naval groups

A US Navy Admiral has assumed command of NATO’s Standing NATO Maritime Group (SNMG) 1, taking over from a Royal Danish Navy Commodore. In a ceremony marking the hand-over in Copenhagen on Monday (14 January 2019), Rear Admiral Edward Cashman of the US Navy said: “The North Atlantic is a bridge that connects the Allies, not a barrier that separates them. That connectivity is even stronger today and more important than ever to our security and to our prosperity." Rear Admiral Cashman will command the group from the new flagship, the USS Gravely. At the same ceremony, the Royal Danish Navy’s Commander Peter Krogh took command of Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group (SNMCMG) 1, succeeding a Belgian Navy commander.
01 Jan. 2019 190101a.jpg - 190101a.jpg, 64.65KB

Germany steps up to lead NATO high readiness force

German forces on Tuesday (1 January 2019) took the lead for NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), providing thousands of soldiers to be on standby and ready to deploy within days. Germany takes over from Italy, which provided the VJTF lead brigade in 2018.
07 Jun. 2018 180607-sign-spec-force.jpg - 180607-sign-spec-force.jpg , 48.29KB

Three Allies establish Special Forces Command

In the margins of the NATO Defence Ministers meeting on Thursday (7 June 2018), the Defence Ministers of Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the creation of a Composite Special Operations Component Command (C-SOCC). Once operational, this tri-national Special Forces Command will participate in the NATO Response Force and could support NATO operations, as well as other multinational missions.
12 Jan. 2018 180112-italy.jpg - 180112-italy.jpg, 50.76KB

Italy takes lead of the NATO Response Force Land Component Command

At a ceremony on Wednesday (10 January 2018) in the Netherlands, the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Italy took over responsibility of the land component command of the 2018 NATO Response Force (NRF) from the British-led Allied Rapid Reaction Corps. The NRF is a multinational force made up of land, air, maritime and special operations forces components that the Alliance can deploy quickly, wherever needed. Since 2014, NATO has tripled the size of the NRF to 40,000 troops, including a high-readiness spearhead force, ready to move within days.
02 Oct. 2017 171002-brilliant-mariner.jpg - 171002-brilliant-mariner.jpg, 37.72KB

''Brilliant Mariner 2017'': showcasing NATO maritime strength

Northwood, UK – Three NATO Standing Groups participate this year with the French Aero-Naval Rapid Reaction Force (FRMARFOR) in exercise BRILLIANT MARINER 2017, a Non-Article 5 Crisis Response Operation Exercise designed to support the certification of the naval component of the NATO Response Force (NRF) for 2018.
28 Aug. 2017 170828-battlegroups-efp.jpg - 170828-battlegroups-efp.jpg, 74.02KB

NATO battlegroups in Baltic nations and Poland fully operational

NATO’s four multinational battlegroups in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland are now fully operational. This milestone comes after the Canadian-led battlegroup based at Camp Ādaži in Latvia became the fourth battlegroup to complete its Certification Exercise.
16 Feb. 2017 170216e-003.jpg - Meetings of the NATO Defence Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels - Letter of Intent on Composite Special Operations Component Command (C-SOCC) between Belgium, Denmark and The Netherlands, 57.08KB

Allies take steps to create multinational Special Forces command

Three NATO Allies are strengthening their defence cooperation, with a new agreement to explore the creation of a multinational command for Special Operations Forces, intended to begin its work in 2019. The Defence Ministers of Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands signed the agreement on Thursday (16 February 2017) in the margins of the meetings of NATO Defence Ministers in Brussels. This multinational command will be able to lead and coordinate Special Operations Forces task groups within a small joint operation scenario.
03 Nov. 2015 151103-tj15.jpg - 151103-tj15.jpg, 70.93KB

A view from the ground: the land component of Trident Juncture 2015

The capabilities of NATO's land forces are being put to the test during Exercise Trident Juncture 2015: the largest military exercise of the Alliance in more than a decade. Land forces from 16 NATO Allies are participating in the exercise together with air, maritime and special operations forces to improve their readiness and ability to work together across a wide range of capabilities.
05 Nov. 2015 151105a-014.jpg - The North Atlantic Council visits NATO Exercise Trident Juncture in Portugal, 57.05KB

NATO demonstrating Maritime power during Trident Juncture 15 exercise

General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, accompanied by Deputy Chairman, Lt Gen Mark O. Schissler, attended the Distinguished Visitors (DV) Day today (5 November 2015) in Troia, Portugal, together with the NATO Secretary General, Mr Jens Stoltenberg, representatives of the North Atlantic Council and Military Committee and other high ranking officials. The DV Day focused on the Maritime component of the Trident Juncture 2015 Exercise.

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