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15 Jul. 2015 150715a-014.jpg - Press briefing on NATO exercise Trident Juncture 2015, 25.03KB

Trident Juncture 2015: NATO’s most ambitious exercise for over a decade

NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu together with senior NATO military officials briefed the press on Wednesday (15 July 2015) on this year’s Exercise Trident Juncture which will be the Alliance’s largest and most ambitious exercise in over a decade. Primarily hosted by Italy, Portugal and Spain, the exercise will be held this October and November.
15 Oct. 2014 141015-noble-justification1.jpg - 141015-noble-justification1.jpg, 29.80KB

NATO Naval Drills Begin in Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean

A large fleet of naval vessels is taking part in the multinational “Noble Justification” military exercise which is underway in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. More than twenty warships, and several submarines and aircraft, are involved in the drills. "The exercise Noble Justification is a substantial opportunity for NATO to develop force integration, multinational inter-operability and enhance readiness, by using of an improved technology", said NATO's Maritime Commander, Vice Admiral Peter Hudson.
17 Jun. 2014 140520c-002.jpg - Special Operations Forces -€“ a smaller footprint, 29.70KB

Versatile Special Operations Forces for new threats

Kicking down a door, a Romanian special operator recovers a hostage from an enemy fighter that just collapsed under the fire of incoming boats. He races back to his Danish and Norwegian companions and out across the water to Blackhawk helicopters waiting to fly them to safety.
24 Mar. 2014 140226a-001.jpg - NATO Special Ops train to save lives - Allied Centre for Medical Education (ACME) training facility (located at SHAPE), 74.50KB

NATO Special Ops train to save lives

NATO Special Operations Forces (SOF) medics used advanced combat medical simulators to learn life-saving skills during a five-day course at the SOF Allied Centre for Medical Education (ACME) located at SHAPE, Belgium. The centre is equipped with the most advanced medical simulators and enables personnel to train in realistic combat conditions and provide vital care for the wounded.
14 Mar. 2014 140314-ncia.jpg - 140314-ncia.jpg, 185.12KB

1GNC Strategic Partnership for Connected Forces Initiative

On 14 March, an agreement on working arrangements and multi-year programme of work was signed between the 1 German Netherlands Corps (1GNC) and the Agency. It is the first example of re-use of NATO Afghanistan investments to boost Nations readiness for the elite NATO Response Force.
26 Nov. 2013 131126-cmc2.jpg - 131126-cmc2.jpg, 51.78KB

Chairman of the Military Committee discusses why ''Defence Matters''

General Knud Bartels, Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee, attended the day-long conference “Defence Matters”, hosted by Carnegie Europe, in Brussels, on 26 November 2013. The event aimed to stimulate discussion of how and why defence matters to the citizens of NATO allied and partner nations.
02 Nov. 2013 131031-steadfast-jazz-cockpit.jpg, 59.66KB

NATO’s Steadfast Jazz exercise gets underway

The Alliance’s largest exercise since 2006, “Steadfast Jazz” kicked off Saturday (2 November) across Europe, including the Baltic states and Poland. The exercise will involve around 6,000 troops and will run for a week. “The purpose of this exercise is to make sure that our rapid-reaction force, the NATO Response Force (NRF), is ready to defend any Ally, deploy anywhere and deal with any threat,” said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.
22 Oct. 2013 131022e-013.jpg - Meetings of the Defence Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels - Meeting of the North Atlantic Council, 57.44KB

NATO Defence Ministers move forward with Connected Forces agenda

Defence Ministers from allied countries met on Tuesday (22 October) in Brussels and agreed to ensure that the experience of 20 years of operations in Afghanistan, in the Balkans and elsewhere is retained through more training and exercises. Ministers agreed on key elements of the Connected Forces Initiative and that experts will now work on it as a matter of priority.
30 Sep. 2013 130924-steadfast-jazz1.jpg - 130924-steadfast-jazz1.jpg, 14.96KB

NATO Response Force put to the test

The NATO Response Force is being put to the test in a series of live exercises this autumn. Culminating in Exercise Steadfast Jazz at the beginning of November, a series of exercises is underway to train, test and certify the command structures and forces that will serve in next year’s rotation of the NATO Response Force (NRF). The NRF will play an increasingly important role in maintaining NATO’s preparedness as the operational tempo of the Alliance decreases following the end of the NATO-led combat mission in Afghanistan.
05 Jul. 2013 130704-smart-energyl.jpg - 130704-smart-energyl.jpg, 66.17KB

Armies get smart on energy

Energy costs are a significant drain on defence budgets. This could impact on the resources available for Allies to acquire and maintain defence capabilities as well as limit their capacity to undertake military operations. Reducing the energy footprint of operations is a priority. NATO and individual Allies are working on alternative energy sources and developing multinational ‘smart energy’ projects.

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