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28 May. 2020 200528-sg-comm-conf4.jpg, 28.41KB

NATO Secretary General discusses impact of COVID-19 with military commanders

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg addressed NATO military commanders by videoconference on Thursday (28 May 2020). The conference, hosted by Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), General Tod D. Wolters, provided an opportunity for commanders across Allied Command Operations to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on NATO missions, operations and activities.
01 Oct. 2019 191001-nac-mc-away-day3.jpg - 191001-nac-mc-away-day3.jpg, 30.80KB

NATO ambassadors and military leaders meet to discuss disruptive technologies

General André Lanata, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, today (Tuesday 1 October) hosted a discussion by the members of the North Atlantic Council and the NATO Military Committee on the impact of disruptive technologies on our future security.
13 Mar. 2019 190312-mc-act.jpg - 190312-mc-act.jpg, 33.52KB

NATO Military Committee visits Transatlantic Commands

The NATO Military Committee conducted their annual meeting at the NATO Allied Command Transformation, in Norfolk on the 11th and 12th of March 2019. The programme also included a visit of the recently stood up Joint Forces Command and the USS Harry S Truman, currently assigned to the US Second Fleet.
17 Oct. 2018 181017-NATO-Industry-Forum-2018.jpg - 181017-NATO-Industry-Forum-2018.jpg, 19.42KB

Berlin hosts NATO-Industry Forum 2018

The NATO-Industry Forum is the primary venue for strategic dialogue with the defence and security industry on NATO capability planning and development. Sponsored by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the Forum is co-organised by Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General André Lanata, and NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defence Investment, Mr Camille Grand.
11 Sep. 2018 180911-sact1.jpg - 180911-sact1.jpg, 25.74KB

NATO welcomes new Supreme Allied Commander Transformation

General André Lanata took over as Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) today (11 September 2018) from General Denis Mercier at a change of command ceremony at Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, Virginia.
28 Feb. 2018 180226-mc-act.jpg - 180226-mc-act.jpg , 45.77KB

NATO Military Committee visit Allied Command Transformation in Portugal

From 26 to 28 February 2018, at the invitation of General Denis Mercier, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), the Military Committee travelled to Allied Command Transformation’s (ACT) subcommand, the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) in Monsanto, Portugal. The Military Committee also took the opportunity to visit the Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO (STRIKFORNATO) Headquarters. Furthermore, General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the Military Committee and General Mercier met with the Minister of Defence, H. E. Mr. Jose Alberto de Azeredo Lopes and the Portuguese Chief of Defence, General Artur Pina Monteiro.
30 Sep. 2015 150930a-003.jpg - NATO Secretary General attends SACT change of command ceremony, 47.47KB

NATO Secretary General, Ambassadors and Military Commanders attend ACT change-of-command ceremony

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, together with Deputy Secretary General Ambassador Alexander Vershbow, Ambassadors from the North Atlantic Council and members of the Military Committee attended Wednesday’s (30 September 2015) change-of-command ceremony at Allied Command Transformation (ACT) headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia. The ceremony marked the official handover of the post of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) from General Jean-Paul Paloméros to General Denis Mercier.
25 Mar. 2015 150325a-015.jpg - NATO Transformation  Seminar, 69.88KB

NATO Secretary General: One of our greatest strengths is our ability to adapt

The NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday (25 March 2015) that the Alliance “is used to the long haul. And one of our greatest strengths is our ability to adapt.” He was speaking at the opening of the annual NATO Transformation Seminar in Washington, DC (United States) on “The Warsaw Summit and Beyond,” organized by the Atlantic Council and the Allied Command Transformation and attended by NATO Permanent Representatives, the Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation, General Jean-Paul Paloméros, and the NATO Military Committee. Mr. Stoltenberg added that “Allied Command Transformation plays an important role in NATO’s continued adaptation to a changing world”.
08 Oct. 2014 141008b-001.jpg - NATO Military Committee visits Allied Command Transformation, 69.17KB

The NATO Military Committee visits the Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk

The NATO Military Committee (MC), led by its Chairman General Knud Bartels, visited the Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in Norfolk (7th & 8th October 2014).
07 Jul. 2010 100703-sauce.jpg, 78.59KB

Students’ submarines compete at NATO research centre event

Earlier this month, future engineers from across Europe put their submarines to the test at a competition organized by NATO’s Undersea Research Centre (NURC) in La Spezia, Italy. The event challenged students to design and build autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) capable of actual missions such as underwater demining and research.

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