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09 Jul. 2024

Allies launch strategic initiatives to enhance capabilities

In a significant step towards enhancing Allied defence and technological integration across the air, space and cyber domains, Defence Ministers from 24 NATO Allies* signed a series of ground-breaking multinational initiatives at the NATO Summit Defence Industry Forum.
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NATO Deputy Secretary General in London: we must continue to support Ukraine

On Tuesday (09 April 2024), NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană visited the Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) Headquarters in Northwood, United Kingdom.
11 Oct. 2023 231011-mod-essi.jpg - Signing ceremony – ESSI, 97.72KB

10 NATO Allies take further step to boost European air and missile defence capabilities

Defence Ministers from 10 NATO Allies came together on Wednesday (11 October 2023) to sign a memorandum of understanding to further develop the European Sky Shield Initiative. Under Germany’s leadership, the initiative aims to bolster European air and missile defence through the joint acquisition of air defence equipment and missiles by European nations. This will strengthen NATO’s integrated air and missile defence.
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US bombers arrive in Iceland for training with NATO Allies

US Bomber Task Force is currently underway, with over 150 U.S. Air Force Airmen and three B-2 Spirit aircraft from Whiteman Air Force Base, USA, deployed to Keflavik Air Base in Iceland on 13 August 2023. The aim of the mission is to improve NATO forces’ ability to integrate and enhance collective defence objectives, and to bolster their readiness to engage in a wide spectrum of military operations.
12 Jul. 2023 230711p-001.jpg - Signing Ceremony Baltic Airspace - 2023 NATO Vilnius Summit, 75.63KB

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania strengthen airspace cooperation

At the margins of the NATO Summit in Vilnius on Tuesday (11 July 2023), Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania signed a Declaration of Cooperation on cross-border airspace. The relevant Allied civil and military authorities will establish and use suitable airspace volumes for NATO training and exercises, and other air activities within the Baltic region.
28 Jun. 2023 230628a-004.jpg - NATO Secretary General welcomes the Prime Minister of Estonia at NATO Headquarters, 102.04KB

Secretary General welcomes Estonian Prime Minister to NATO for talks on Vilnius Summit

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Prime Minister Kaja Kallas of Estonia to NATO Headquarters on Wednesday (28 June 2023) for talks to prepare for the Vilnius Summit.
26 Jun. 2023 230626a-025.jpg - NATO Secretary General in Lithuania , 127.11KB

NATO Secretary General visits German and Lithuanian troops in Exercise Griffin Storm

Visiting Pabrade, Lithuania, on Monday (26 June 2023), NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met German and Lithuanian troops training together in Exercise Griffin Storm. He was joined by President Gitanas Nausėda and German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius.
20 Jun. 2023 230620-sg-air-defender1.jpg - NATO Secretary General visits Germany, 38.48KB

NATO Secretary General visits exercise Air Defender in Germany

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met and thanked personnel participating in exercise Air Defender 2023 together with the German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius at Air Base Jagel in northern Germany on Tuesday (20 June 2023).
19 Jun. 2023 191016b-002.jpg - NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana, 64.15KB

NATO Deputy Secretary General addresses European Air and Missile Defence Conference

Addressing the European Air and Missile Defence Conference at the Paris Air Show on Monday (19 June 2023), NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană said that further developing air and missile defence in Europe was “a crucial part” of NATO’s work to bolster deterrence and defence. "Integrated Air and Missile Defence will allow us to maintain air superiority in a conflict and better protect our forces, people and critical infrastructure," he said.
12 Jun. 2023 230612-air-defender.jpg - Air Defender, 9.98KB

Germany hosts biggest ever air exercise of NATO forces

Allied air forces began the largest deployment exercise in NATO’s history on Monday (12 June 2023). Twenty-five nations are taking part in the two-week long “Air Defender” exercise, with around 10,000 personnel and 250 aircraft.

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