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08 May. 2019 190508-formidable-shield.jpg - 190508-formidable-shield.jpg, 14.26KB

NATO ships start missile defence drill off Scotland

Ships from nine NATO countries are taking part in live-fire air and missile defence drills off the coast of Scotland from Tuesday (7 May 2019). Exercise Formidable Shield will take place at the United Kingdom’s Hebrides training range, in the Western Isles of Scotland and will run until 19 May. Naval Striking and Support Forces NATO will conduct the exercise on behalf of the US Navy.
26 Jun. 2018 180626-airpower.jpg , 20.29KB

NATO unveils new joint air power strategy

NATO air forces must be able to defend against peer competitors and anticipate the growing role of cyber and space-based assets, according to a new NATO joint airpower strategy released on Tuesday (26 June 2018). While air power has played a central role in NATO’s collective defence and crisis management for decades, the strategy is the first of its kind since NATO was founded in 1949.
14 Jun. 2016 160614h-006.jpg - Meetings of the NATO Defence Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, 59.48KB

NATO and Baltic States sign Agreement to enhance air training opportunities in the Baltic region

Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow met with the Defence Ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on Tuesday (14 June 2016) to sign a new Letter of Agreement on airspace management arrangements in support of NATO’s Air Policing mission and other air activities in the Baltic Sea region.
16 Mar. 2016 160316-ncia-ukraine.jpg, 27.74KB

NATO-Ukraine Regional Airspace Security Program marks progress

Following a successful demonstration, the NATO-Ukraine Regional Airspace Security Programme (RASP) is progressing through its next phase, a feasibility study, with meetings of experts from NATO, EUROCONTROL, Ukraine, Turkey, the United States and Poland in Odessa, Ukraine on 16-17 March 2016
07 Jan. 2016 160107-baltic-air-policing.jpg - 160107-baltic-air-policing.jpg, 24.89KB

Spain and Belgium take over NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission

The 40th rotation of NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission took place today (7 January 2016) in Lithuania and Estonia. Responsibility for the mission was transferred from Hungary and Germany to Spain and Belgium, demonstrating NATO’s enduring solidarity with its Baltic Allies.
07 Aug. 2015 150807-cz-gripen2.jpg - 150807-cz-gripen2.jpg, 43.04KB

Czech Air Force Gripens conduct NATO air surveillance mission over Iceland

Four Czech Air Force JAS-39 Gripen aircraft are currently conducting air patrols and training in the skies above Iceland under the Alliance’s air surveillance mission for the Nordic NATO Ally. The fighter jets and 70 personnel took up their duties at the end of July. Their task is to provide “airborne surveillance and interception capabilities to meet Iceland’s peacetime preparedness needs.” The Czech Air Force will conduct the mission through 29 August 2015.
30 Apr. 2015 150430-air-policing.jpg - 150430-air-policing.jpg, 38.74KB

Norway takes the lead in NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission

Norway will assume lead responsibility for NATO’s air policing mission over the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on Friday (1 May 2015). The United Kingdom will also rejoin the mission while Italy and Belgium will continue their participation. A handover ceremony is taking place on Thursday (30 April 2015) at Šiauliai airbase in Lithuania, where Italy will formally transfer lead responsibility for the mission to Norway.
05 Jan. 2015 150105-baltic-air-policing-CF18.jpg - 150105-baltic-air-policing-CF18.jpg, 11.19KB

Beginning of 2015 marks handover with NATO's Baltic Air Policing Mission

As 2014 drew to a close, so did the 36th rotation of the NATO Baltic Air Policing (BAP) mission. In a ceremony held at Šiauliai Air Base, Lithuania, on 31 December 2014, the Portuguese Air Force handed over the responsibility of Baltic Air Policing to the Italian Air Force.
21 Oct. 2014 141022-f16.jpg - 141022-f16.jpg, 50.02KB

NATO Air Policing Fighters Intercept Russian Aircraft over the Baltic Sea

MONS, Belgium – NATO radars detected and tracked one unidentified aircraft flying in the vicinity of Allied airspace in the Baltic Sea on Tuesday, 21 October at approximately 9 a.m. CET. Fighter jets from NATO Ally Denmark (F-16) were scrambled, as were Portuguese F-16 aircraft from NATO’s Baltic Air Policing Mission in order to identify the aircraft and maintain the security of Allied air space. Non-NATO fighters from Sweden were also involved in the intercept.
08 Feb. 2012 120202f-007.jpg - Meetings of the Ministers of Defence at NATO Headquarters, Brussels - Press Conference NATO Secretary General  , 45.97KB

NATO Secretary General welcomes agreement on Baltic Air Policing

I warmly welcome today’s decision by the North Atlantic Council to further authorize NATO Air Policing in the Baltic States with a continuous presence of fighters.

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