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Documents Related to Events in Poland (1980 - 1984)


NATO Archives is publishing on-line a selection of NATO records related to the imposition of Martial Law in Poland on the 13 December 1981.  This collection comprises NATO records created by the Council, Political Affairs Division, the Military Authorities (Military Committee and SHAPE), NATO’s Situation Centre assessments on the situation on Poland as well as reports received from the member countries covering political, economic, social, religious and cultural aspects as well as reports of meetings with officials in Poland.

As the 30th anniversary of the imposition of Martial Law was approaching the Polish Authorities contacted NATO to request formally the declassification and public disclosure of NATO documents on the events in Poland as these would be of great historical and scientific value and would broaden the knowledge of the international context surrounding these events. 

The publication of these records on 13 December 2011 coincides with the launching of an exhibition “Poland – The Long Journey to Freedom “ to be displayed at NATO HQ (13 – 21 December 2011) and a seminar with historians which will be made available on the NATO archives website in the coming weeks.

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