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NATO Internship Programme

NATO International Military Staff, NATO Agencies and Bodies

In addition to NATO International Staff, the International Military Staff and the following NATO Agencies and Bodies also offer internships via NATO HQ (please submit your application as stipulated in the Application section):

IMS (International Military Staff)

The International Military Staff (IMS) provides executive support to the Military Committee, preparing assessments, evaluations and reports on all issues that form the basis of discussion and decisions in the Military Committee. The Staff is the essential link between the decision-making bodies of the Alliance, the two Strategic Commanders, national military delegations from NATO and Partner countries working in Brussels, and the civilian International Staff.

The following IMS Divisions and Independent Offices offer internships:

  • Cooperative Security Division (CS)
    As integral part of NATO's International Military Staff, the Cooperative Security Division leads NATO's strategic level military dialogue and cooperation with partner and non-partner countries, International Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations.
  • Office of the Public Affairs and StratCom Advisor (PA&SCAD/IMS)
    The Office of the Public Affairs and StratCom Advisor, International Military Staff (PA&SCAD/IMS) fulfils four roles:
    • promoting NATO's Military Committee
    • providing advice and support to the Chairman of the Military Committee, and
    • providing advice and guidance to the Director General and Directors, IMS.
    • Supporting the Alliance for all matters related to NATO Strategic Communications (StratCom).
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  • NATO Headquarters Consultation, Command and Control (C3) Staff (NHQC3S)
    The NHQC3S provides support on C3 matters to the North Atlantic Council, the Military Committee, the C3 Board, the Conference of National Armaments Directors, the Resource Planning and Policy Board, to other committees with responsibilities relating to C3 matters and to Divisions and Directorates of the International Staff and International Military Staff.
  • Office of Information and Knowledge Management (IKM)
    The IKM Office, International Military Staff (IMS) performs four primary functions:
    • IKM Support to the IMS Staff and the Military Committee (MC)
    • IKM Advice to the Executive Coordinator (EXCO) and the Director General of the IMS (DGIMS)
    • Support to the NATO Information Management Authority (NIMA) Working Group.
    • Developing IKM Policies and Guidance for the IMS.
  • Logistic and Resources Division (IMS L&R)
    The mission of IMS L&R is to serve as focal point for Logistics, Medical, Armaments, Research & Technology, Manpower & Personnel, Infrastructure and Finance issues.
  • The Situation Centre (SITCEN)
    The Situation Centre (SITCEN) acts as the central agency for crisis management information at NATO Headquarters.
  • The IMS Office of the Gender Advisor
    The IMS Office of the Gender Advisor is the Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) within the International Military Staff (IMS) providing information and advice on gender issues and on the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 and Related Resolutions.
  • Policy & Capabilities (P&C) Division
    Policy & Capabilities (P&C) Division contributes to the fulfilment of the International Military Staff mission by serving as the military focal point and champion for transformation and strategic military policy and planning matters of specific interest to the Military Committee, to include developing, staffing, and representing the Military Committee views on strategic military policy matters
  • Office of the Legal Advisor
    Within the International Military Staff (IMS) structure, the Office of the Legal Advisor (OLA) is responsible for providing professional and independent legal advice to the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Military Committee (MC), the Director General International Military Staff (DGIMS) and the IMS Division Directors and their Staff on legal issues related to NATO activities, procedures, operations, rules and provisions.
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  • Joint Intelligence and Security (JIS) Division
    At the Warsaw Summit in July 2016, Heads of State and Government agreed to establish a new Joint Intelligence and Security Division (JISD), in order to improve NATO's ability to draw on a wide range of intelligence resources.
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The NATO Standardization Office (NSO) initiates, coordinates, supports and administers standardization activities, which are conducted under the authority of NATO's Committee for Standardization (CS) -- which responsible for standardization policy. The NSO assists NATO's Military Committee in developing military operational standards. These activities foster NATO standardization with the goal of enhancing the interoperability and operational effectiveness of Alliance military forces. More on interning in the NSO.
Learn more about the NSO at: https://nso.nato.int/nso/

For Internship opportunities in other NATO bodies and agencies please refer to: https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/recruitment.htm