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Experts' Corner on the Founding Treaty on Science and Innovation (The Cold War era)

The Experts' Corner provides a deeper look at NATO in history. Here you will find a selection of primary sources related to NATO, science and innovation.

Films and videos

  • The Third Dimension

    Discover how NATO supported young scientists during the Cold War and get a glimpse of projects that ran under the “Science for Stability” initiative in Greece, Portugal and Türkiye in the 1980s.

  • CCMS

    The documentary explains how NATO’s science programme called the Committee on Challenges of Modern Society (CCMS) supported collaborative projects tackling the world’s environmental and pollution crisis.

  • Operation Skycheck

    Get to know the story of the NATO Air Defence Ground Environment (NADGE), a joint project aimed at enhancing Allied air defence implemented in the 1960s.
  • 60 years of NATO Science, Peace and Security Programme

    The video looks back at the 60 years of the SPS Programme's rich history from its origins to the cooperation with partners in the 1990s and its current mission to tackle emerging scientific and technological challenges.


Declassified documents

Speeches and articles

NATO publications from the past

Suggested reading

Turchetti, Simone. Sword, Shield and Buoys: A History of the NATO Sub-Committee on Oceanographic Research, 1959–1973. Centaurus; international magazine of the history of science and medicine, 2012.