General Harald Sunde

Chief of Defence – Norway

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Harald Sunde, Chief of Defence of Norway

Born: 09.03.1954
Started his service 10.07.1973



2009- Chief of Defence
2009 Commander National Joint Headquarters
2006-09 Norwegian Military Representative to NATO Military Comittee
Lieutenant General
2005-06 Head of Department of Operations and Emergency Planning at the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Defence
2003-05 Commander Land Forces Norway
Major General
2002-03 Assistant Chief of Staff J5/9 at Regional Headquarters AFNORTH
2000-02 Inspector of Cavalry/Commander Cavalry Regiment South
1999-00 Chief Operations Planning Branch/Operations Division/Headquarters Defence Command Norway
1996-98 Commanding Officer Armoured Brigade South Norway
1996 Chief of Staff Nordic Polish Brigade/IFOR,/Bosnia Hercegovina
1992-96 Commanding Officer Army Special Operations Commando
Lieutenant Colonel
1989-92 Instructor Army Staff College
1986-87 Instructor/Section Chief Cavalry School
1985-86 Company commander Recce Coy/Brigade Northern Norway
1984-85 Second in command Recce Coy/Brigade Northern Norway
1980-84 Duty officer Army Parachut School
1979-80 Duty officer Cavalry School
1976 Duty officer, Officer Candidate School/Cavalry
1974-75 Duty officer, Recce Coy/Brigade Northern Norway
Sargeant/Second Lieutenant


1998-99 US Army War College
1987-89 Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr
1986 Norwegian Army Staff College
1976-79 Military Academy
1973-74 Officer Candidate School for the Cavalry


1982 National Service Medal
1997 NATO Medal
1999 Defence Service Medal
2001 National Medal International Operations
2004 Defence Service Medal with Star


Harald Sunde is married to Sølvi Sunde, and have two grown up children