Experts discuss information and knowledge management in military operations

  • 06 Oct. 2010 - 07 Oct. 2010
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  • Last updated: 08 Oct. 2010 17:09

On 6 and 7 Oct 2010, the NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence is holding an information and knowledge management workshop together with Spain. Some 30 experts from the Centre’s sponsoring nations and other NATO entities will discuss a range of information and knowledge management topics, including success stories, proposed concepts and future developments.

Organizations today face daily challenges in efficiently managing an increasing amount of information and knowledge. Effective management of this information and knowledge can help to increase commanders’ and military personnel’s situational awareness, enabling them to make better decisions with a greater understanding of a particular context.

Participants at the workshop will work towards aligning policies and practices in this field among sponsoring nations and with NATO. They will also have the opportunity to build up their professional networks. The Centre’s sponsoring nations are Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey and the United States.

The first day is focusing on sharing national approaches to information and knowledge management and reviewing NATO’s information management practices and guidance. On the second day, the participants will be split into groups to explore key topics and their findings will form the basis of the event’s review document.

One of the sessions will focus on information and knowledge management within NATO’s operation in Afghanistan.

NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Spain is hosting the event at the Military Base “Jaime I”, near Valencia, Spain.

To promote transformation within NATO, Allied countries have agreed to take advantage of national and multinational centres of excellence, in which all NATO member states can participate. The Command and Control Centre of Excellence is hosted by the Netherlands.