Defence Ministers reaffirm NATO support for Georgia’s reform efforts

  • 05 Jun. 2013 -
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  • Last updated: 05 Jun. 2013 15:59

NATO Defence Ministers met with their Georgian counterpart Irakli Alasania in the NATO-Georgia Commission on Wednesday (5 June) and discussed Georgia’s reform plans and further opportunities for cooperation. Ministers also thanked Georgia, the biggest non-NATO contributor to ISAF, for the significant contribution to NATO-led operations.

Opening Remarks Left to right: Irakli Alasania (Minister of Defence, Georgia) and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen

We greatly appreciate the active support that Georgia has made to our operations – past and present,” the Secretary General said. “We greatly value the professionalism and the courage of Georgian troops. And we honour their sacrifice. These efforts are all the more impressive given the demanding defence reforms that Georgia is now undertaking.

Ministers thanked Georgia for the readiness to participate in the Alliance’s post-2014 mission in Afghanistan in order to train, advise and assist the Afghan security forces after 2014. They also hailed Georgia’s dynamic efforts and achievements in moving towards Euro-Atlantic integration. The Secretary General said that NATO continues to follow with great interest Georgia’s domestic challenges and developments.

We are looking to the Georgian government to respect the rule of law, human rights and the rights of minorities. And we encourage Georgia to continue key reforms and to conduct free and fair presidential elections later this year,” the Secretary General said.

The Secretary General made clear that a stable, democratic Georgia belongs in the Euro-Atlantic community.

And I look forward to a future in which Georgia is in the Alliance. The decisions taken at the NATO Summit in Bucharest still stand. Georgia will become a member of NATO provided it meets the requirements for membership,” he added.

Ministers agreed that NATO and will continue working with Georgia in support of important reforms and the Alliance stands ready to assist Georgia in achieving its goals.