General Ants Laaneots bids farewell to NATO

  • 17 Sep. 2011 -
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  • Last updated: 17 Sep. 2011 16:57

After more than 4 years holding his military position as Chief of Defence of the Estonian Armed Forces, today marked the last attendance of General Ants Laaneots a Military Committee Meeting.


In his own words:  "More than anything, I believe that Article V will remain NATO`s cornerstone. Without this we will lose the glue that binds this Alliance together. I hope that NATO and the Military Committee in particular will do the job as one might expect from the strongest military organisation in history," said General Ants Laaneots.

"I would like to thank you all for excellent cooperation and support during my term as the CHOD of Estonia. The last five years have been remarkably important  to my nation. Estonia has developed from being a security consumer to a security provider. We have pushed ourselves over the limit to contribute to ongoing operations. We have taken big steps in defence transformation".