General  Mikhail Kostarakos

Chief of Defence – Greece

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General Mikhail Kostarakos is the Chief, Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS) effective 01 Nov 2011.


 He was born in Thessaloniki  in February 1956.

 He graduated from the Experimental School of the University of Thessaloniki.

 He was admitted to the Hellenic Military Academy (Evelpidon) in 1974, graduated in 1978 and was commissioned as Second  Lieutenant in the Artillery.

 He has successfully graduated from:

  • All basic and advanced Field Artillery training courses,
  • The “HAWK” missile air defence system courses in Greece and the USA (Fort Bliss, Texas),
  • The “HAWK” system course in the NATO Programming Centre (NPC,Glons, Belgium),
  • The Hellenic Army War College,
  • The Hellenic National Defence College.

As junior and field Officer, he has served as:

  • Heavy Self Propelled Artillery and “HAWK” Missile Battery Commander,
  • “HAWK” System Battalion Operations Officer,
  • Artillery Battalion Deputy Commander,
  • Field Artillery and “HAWK” Missile Battalion Commander,
  • Staff Officer in Formation Artillery Command,
  • Staff Officer in the Intelligence Division of NATO International Military Staff (IMS/NATO),
  • Staff Officer in the Intelligence Division of HNDGS,
  • Director, Staff Office of the Chief, Hellenic Army General Staff (HAGS),
  • Section Chief, Current OPS for the Balkans in IMS/NATO,
  • Director of Staff, NATO Deployable Corps Greece,
  • Director, KFOR Joint Operation Centre.

As general Officer, his main duties were:

  • Deputy Chief of Staff, Hellenic C’ Army Corps/NDC-GR,
  • Commander, 96 National Guard Battalions Command “CHIOS”,
  • Director, 3rd Staff Office, HAGS,
  • Director, Operations Division, HAGS,
  • Director, A’ Staff Directorate, HAGS,
  • Commanding General, XII Mechanised Infantry Division “EVROS”,
  • Commanding General, C’ Army Corps “ALEXANDER THE GREAT”,
  • Commanding General, NATO Deployable Corps Greece,
  • Chief, Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS).

He has been awarded all military medals and distinctions, as described below.

He holds a Political Science degree from the Law Faculty of the University of Athens and an MsC in “Diplomatic and Strategic Studies”.

He speaks both English and French.

General Mikhail Kostarakos is married with Ms Aikaterini Sgourou and the couple has two daughters, Aspasia and Agni.


Admitted to Evelpidon Military Academy: 1974
2nd Lieutenant: 1978
Lieutenant: 1981
Captain: 1985
Major: 1990
Lt Colonel 1995
Colonel : 2002
Brigadier General: 2006
Major General: 2009
Lt General: 2011
General: 2011

Military medals and distinctions

  • Grand Cross of the Order of Phoenix
  • Commanders High Cross of the Order of Honour
  • Medal of Military Merit A' Class
  • Chief of General Staff Commendation Medal
  • Commendation Medal Star of Merit and Honour
  • Force Formation Command Medal A' Class
  • Force Meritorious Command Medal A' Class
  • Staff Officer Service Commendation Medal A' Class
  • Commendation Medal for Participation in Peacekeeping Missions
  • NATO Non-Article 5 medal for the Balkans
  • Military Cooperation Medal (Armenia)