National Security Advisor of Georgia briefs the NATO-Georgia Commission

  • 07 Mar. 2012 -
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  • Last updated: 07 Mar. 2012 17:47

The NATO-Georgia Commission met on 7 March, with the participation of National Security Advisor of Georgia Mr. Giorgi Bokeria, and discussed how to enhance Georgia’s partnership and connectivity with the Alliance.

Meeting of the NATO-Georgia Council (NGC) - General View of the meeting

During the discussion, the NGC reviewed progress on improving interoperability and overall cooperation with the Alliance and other issues related to the Alliance’s special partnership with Georgia.

The Secretary General and Allied Permanent Representatives thanked Georgia for the substantial contribution to the Alliance’s ISAF operation in Afghanistan.

We welcome the remarkable contribution your country is making to the ISAF operation, notably the battalion in Helmand. We also appreciate your decision to almost double your contribution.”, the Secretary General said. “Today we also have an opportunity to reinforce further the cooperation between NATO and Georgia through supporting Georgia’s reforms”.

As a follow-up to the North Atlantic Council's visit to Georgia last year, the NGC agreed a set of measures to further support the reform process in Georgia, including strengthening  civil service reform, inter-operability with the Alliance, as well  the capacity for civil democratic oversight of the defence and security sector in Georgia.