Mrs. Anne-Mette Rasmussen hands over donations in support of Afghan children

  • 21 Jun. 2012 -
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  • Last updated: 22 Jun. 2012 15:29

Mrs. Anne-Mette Rasmussen on Thursday (21 June) handed over donations raised at a charity ball at NATO headquarters to benefit the Afghan Appeal Fund, a non-governmental organisation which raises funds to help Afghan children.

The donation was given as a cheque to Lady Caroline Richards, President of the Afghan Appeal Fund in London.

Mrs. Rasmussen and her husband, Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, hosted the sixth NATO Charity Ball on 16 June at NATO headquarters. Mrs. Rasmussen has helped to organise six charity balls since 2009 to raise funds for Afghan aid programmes. Over €40,000 has been donated so far through the charity balls to charities such as the Afghan Appeal Fund, Promotion des Femmes Afghanes and the NATO Charity Bazaar, an organisation which supports Belgian and international charities.