Lieutenant General  Tahir Bekiroğlu

Military Representative – Turkey

  • Last updated: 23 Aug. 2011 16:10

After being graduated from Military Academy as an infantry officer in 1979 and completing basic training at Infantry School in 1980, he served as platoon leader and Company Commander in various infantry units.

Lieutenant General Tahir Bekiroğlu, Military Representative of Turkey to NATO

Following his staff officer training at Turkish Army Staff College, he respectively served as;

  • Intelligence Officer at Mech. Brigade HQs,
  • Concept Officer at Turkish Land Forces Command,
  • Intelligence Analysis Officer at AFSOUTH (current JFC Naples),
  • Joint Plans Officer at Ops. Div. of Turkish General Staff HQs.

He also served as CIMIC officer in CIMIC Div. SFOR HQs in Sarajevo, B-H. He attended at Turkish Armed Forces College. After then, he commanded Motorized  Rifle Battalion.

He served as Chief of Concept Development Branch at Operations Division of Turkish General Staff HQs at the rank of colonel.

Then, he commanded Border Regiment for two years at Turkish-Georgian Border between 2001-2003.

He was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General in 2003 and served as Chief of Personnel Assignment Division at Turkish Land Forces Command.

He commanded 28’th Mechanized Infantry (Peacekeeping) Brigade for two years.

He was promoted to the rank of Major General in 2007 and served as Commander of Border Division for two years at Turkish-Iraqi Border.

Since August 2009, he has worked as Chief of Strategy Department at Turkish General Staff HQs.

He has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General in August 2011 and has been assigned as Turkish Military Representative to NATO. He has MA degree in Administrative Management of Maryland University, USA.

He is married and has two children.