Seminar on civil emergency planning in Turkmenistan

  • 10 Sep. 2002
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From 10-14 September, a civil emergency planning (CEP) and civil-military cooperation (CIMIC) seminar is taking place in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. It is one of a series of courses organised by NATO with the aim of introducing participants from partner countries to CEP and CIMIC practices and procedures applied during operations carried out within the framework of NATO's strategic concept.

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The seminar is conducted by NATO's Civil Emergency Planning Directorate, SHAPE, CIMIC Section and the Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan. Items for discussion include issues such as the protection of populations against the consequences of the use of chemical, biological and radiological agents. The seminar is also an opportunity for participants to exchange information from the region and cover wider issues such as the NATO's security policy, its missions and organisation, crisis management mechanisms, civil military cooperation, civil emergency planning and cooperation with other international organisations and with national authorities.

Over 50 participants from the Turkmenistan Ministry of Defence, Civil Protection Organisations and several civil ministries as well as from neighbouring countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, are attending the seminar. Other participants come from Belgium, Belarus, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1), Ukraine and the United States.

This seminar is the fifteenth of its kind to be conducted in a partner country. The next ones will be held in Finland (2003) and Sweden (2004).

1. Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.