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Science for Peace and Security

Selection procedure

Applications may be submitted at any time.

Applications submitted for funding under the Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme are duly acknowledged by the SPS Staff of the Emerging Security Challenges (ESC) Division through a confirmation e-mail.

They are then reviewed by the Independent Scientific Evaluation Group (ISEG) which meets on average twice a year.

The ISEG members evaluate applications taking into account their scientific and technical merit as well as their relation to the SPS Key Priorities and their relevance to security.

The list of applications recommended for funding has to be formally endorsed by the Political and Partnerships Committee.

When planning a training (ATC or ASI) or a workshop activity (ARW), it is thus important that the dates of the proposed event should be at least 12-15 months after submission of the application.

The evaluation process for multi-year Science for Peace projects is a two-step procedure: Project Proposal and Project Plan. The first step involves submitting a short project proposal for evaluation by the ISEG. If the project proposal is selected, a planning grant will be awarded in order for the applicants to develop a detailed Project Plan (step two). The two lead applicants (NPD and PPD) will then be invited to present the Project Plan to the ISEG. 

The length of the entire two-step procedure will depend on NATO internal procedures and on how fast the applicants can finalize the full Project Plan.

Last update: 5 April 2012