The Road to Chicago

  • 17 May. 2012 -
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  • Last updated: 19 May. 2012 13:46

In the week before the NATO Summit, join our team of NATOChannel and ACT video-journalists on a road trip to Chicago, host city of the NATO Summit. Along the way, we talk to Americans to hear their views on transatlantic relations, the importance of NATO to the US and some of the big issues of the Summit.

Day 6/6: NATO's future – Chicago, IL

In the final episode of our ”Road to Chicago” series, we’ve arrived in Chicago, Illinois, where we meet up with university students for a debate about the Summit and the future of the Alliance.

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Day 5/6:  Talking to veterans – Cleveland, OH

It’s day five of our ”Road to Chicago” series and we’re in Cleveland, Ohio talking to US veterans about serving their nation and why America needs its NATO Allies.

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Day 4/6:  High School Students - Pittsburgh, PA

On day four of our "Road to Chicago" series, we’re in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to join high school students as they learn about NATO during a history lesson. We find out what they believe is the top security threat of the future.

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Day 3/6: The Washington Debate

On day three of our “Road to Chicago” series, we’re meeting up with some of the Atlantic Council’s Young Atlanticists in Washington. They will participate in a Youth Summit taking place in parallel to the NATO Summit. We join them as they prepare for that event.

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Day 2/6 : Transatlantic Ties - Washington

On day two of our “Road to Chicago” series we're in Washington DC. And we've arrived just in time for the Annual Awards Dinner of the Atlantic Council. A non-partisan institution, the Atlantic Council has been promoting transatlantic cooperation and international security for 50 years. The charity gala is all about celebrating the transatlantic relationship, which is as vital today as it was 50 years ago.

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Day 1/6 :  Allied Command Transformation - Norfolk, VA

The team starts in Norfolk, Virginia. This is the home of the only NATO Command in North America, Allied Command Transformation (ACT). ACT is NATO’s leading agent for change, fostering the continuous improvement of Alliance capabilities, also in times of financial constraints. ACT is a key driver for a range of Smart Defence initiatives, which are aimed at increasing cooperation and cutting costs.

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