KFOR stays committed to Kosovo

  • 12 Jun. 2012 -
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  • Last updated: 12 Jun. 2012 18:32

Pristina - NATO’s Military Committee (MC), led by General Knud Bartels, paid a visit today to its mission in Kosovo (KFOR). Major General Erhard Drews, KFOR Commander, provided the Alliance’s highest Military Authority with an update on the latest security developments in the country, particularly in the North, and the activities conducted by KFOR in synergy with the other key players in the region.

The MC also met with Mr. Agim Çeku, Minister of the Kosovo Security Forces, and Mr. Slobodan Petrovic, Deputy Prime Minister. Mr. Bout de Marnhac, Head of the EU’s Rule of Law Mission (EULEX), also took part in the visit.

General Bartels, meeting representatives from the media, expressed on behalf of the MC deep appreciation for the work done by KFOR during recent demonstrations: "Use of violence is not a way forward. The only way forward is dialogue.” 

Concluding the visit, he emphasized the need for further cooperation between all actors in the country, and urged the different parties involved to act in a responsible manner. He noted that, in general, the situation in Kosovo had improved since last year, although some security matters remain. He emphasised that use of arms could never be a substitute for dialogue and that KFOR is thoroughly committed to enforce the UN mandate to ensure a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement.