Building Afghan capacity to deal with roadside bombs

  • 17 Jun. 2011 -
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  • Last updated: 17 Jun. 2011 16:21

Roadside bombs can be devastating, killing and maiming civilians and soldiers alike. And the use of improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, by insurgents is on the rise.

Safely removing and dismantling such booby traps is dangerous and delicate work, requiring great resources and expertise.

One of the solutions to building up the skills to tackle IEDs at low cost is the training of local Afghans, who then pass on their knowledge.

Afghan soldiers are being trained to fight roadside bombs at a counter-IED centre in Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Afghanistan. With a group of international mentors, including French, Croatians and Germans, the soldiers will then be qualified to pass the training on to others, combating one of Afghanistan’s deadliest killers.

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