NATO seminar examines civil-military maritime security challenges

  • 23 May. 2012 - 25 May. 2012
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  • Last updated: 05 Jun. 2012 10:27

NATO held its 2012 Transport Group Ocean Shipping Seminar on 23-25 May in Athens, Greece. This seminar, which focused on commercial maritime support for NATO operations, was hosted by Greece.

In his opening address, the Chairman of the Group, Mr. George Pateras, stressed the importance of strengthening co-operation between the commercial shipping industry and NATO Military Authorities, and how seminars such as this one give an opportunity for  NATO military planners and civilian shipping experts to meet and discuss challenges to our collective security.

The Seminar considered the range of challenges to ocean shipping and analysed availability of different types of vessels for future deployments. It discussed such security issues as: shipping routes – chokepoints and vulnerabilities, LNG and LPG threats and vulnerabilities, and counter-piracy measures.

Senior civil experts, industry representatives, NATO staff members, and  senior representatives of  Allied and partner nations, including from Qatar and United Arab Emirates attended the event. Participants discussed support for ongoing NATO operations; counter-piracy; emerging maritime technologies; the commercial shipping market; and how ocean shipping civilian experts could better assist NATO during international crises.
The Seminar was deemed a success by participants and focused on a wide range of maritime issues” said Mr. George Pateras. “It also had the added value of reinforcing civil-military cooperation and support for NATO objectives and missions.