Vice-Admiral Marc Ectors

Military Representative – Belgium

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Vice Admiral Marc Ectors, Military Representative – Belgium

Marc Ectors joined the Navy in 1973 as midshipmen at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels. After the Military Academy he completed his education and training at Naval Application School and on completion he joined the Fleet in 1978.

Following appointments on Mine Counter Measure Vessels, he took up the command of an Inshore Minesweeper (BNS TURNHOUT, 1980-1981).

He qualified as Principal Warfare Officer (Navigation and Combat Information) at the Netherlands Operational School (Den Helder) in 1982 and served subsequently on board of frigates first as PWO and later as head of the Operational Department (1982-1985).

After this period at sea he was appointed as lecturer in Astronomical navigation, Law of the Sea, Hydrography and Technique of Maritime Operations at the Royal Military Academy (1986-1989). He then took up the command of a Minehunter (BNS MYOSOTIS) and took part with his ship in the Operation Desert Shield in the Gulf (1990-1991).

After a short period at the Naval Staff in Brussels where he dealt with NATO issues (1991-1992), he was promoted to Commander and he served as advisor to the Minister of Defence (1992-1995).

After completion of the Joint Defence College Higher Staff Course in Paris and Brussels (1995-1997), he assumed command of the frigate BNS WESTDIEP (1997-1998) and participated in Operation Southern Breeze III (national).

After this command he was appointed as branch Head of the Defence Policy Section at the Joint Staff in Brussels (1998-2000) and took care of all the issues related to defence policy (UN, OSCE and Africa). He returned subsequently to the Naval Staff first as Section Head Studies and International Relations and later, after his promotion to Captain, as Director Plans, Policy and budget (2000-2001).

In 2002 Captain Marc Ectors was appointed as Division Head Defence Policy (Strategic Department) of the newly established Belgian Joint Defence Structure.

He was commissioned to the rank of Rear Admiral (l.h.) in 2003 and he joined the CINCEASTLANT HQ at Northwood first as Assistant Chief of Staff Plans, Policy and Military Cooperation (2003-2004) and later on after transformation of this HQ to a Maritime Component Commander as Division Head Plans, Policy and Co-operation and Transition Manager (2004-2006).

After this period in the UK he followed the Senior Course at the NATO Defence College in Rome (Italy) and took up early 2006 the post of Deputy Director Independent Advisory Team at the NATO HQ in Brussels in November 2006.

In January 2008 he was appointed as Director Operations and Training at the Cabinet of the Minister of Defence and selected as Rear Admiral.

In July 2010, Rear Admiral Ectors was appointed for a third NATO tour as Belgian Military Representative to the NATO Military Committee, NATO Headquarters, Brussels. As from July 2011 he is dual hatted Military Representative to the NATO and EU Military Committee.

On March 26th 2012 he was promoted to the rank of Vice- Admiral.

Vice- Admiral Ectors is married to Patty and they have 3 sons. His interests include reading history and international politics, and playing squash.