NATO decision-makers visit Kosovo

  • 02 Apr. 2007 - 02 Apr. 2007
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  • Last updated: 13 Aug. 2008 10:48

On 2 April, the North Atlantic Council, led by the Secretary General, toured Kosovo. Their visit was a demonstration of the firm commitment of all NATO Allies to continue to ensure a safe and secure environment as proposals for Kosovo’s status made by UN Special Envoy Ahtisaari are being discussed in the UN Security Council.

The Council met with leaders of the Serb community, and heard their concerns about their security and future in Kosovo.  They also met with the ‘Unity Team’, which committed to the Council to continue to make every effort to protect the rights and security of the minorities in Kosovo.

No rush, no delay

Finally, the Ambassadors and NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer travelled, in groups, throughout Kosovo to meet soldiers from the NATO-led Kosovo peacekeeping force (KFOR) and visit patrimonial sites.

The Secretary General restated NATO's commitment to all the inhabitants of Kosovo, through and beyond the status process. 

He also reiterated his warning that no one should attempt to use violence to influence the political process, as it would be fruitless and counterproductive. 

Finally, he expressed his belief that "the discussions in the Security Council over status should be neither rushed nor unnecessarily delayed"