Director General of NATO International Military Staff meets senior officials in Mongolia

  • 29 Sep. 2011 -
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  • Last updated: 29 Sep. 2011 18:14

Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), 29 Sep 2011 - Lieutenant General Juergen Bornemann, Director General International Military Staff (DG IMS), concluded a three-day visit to Mongolia’s capital today at the invitation of the Mongolian Minister of Defence.

During the visit, Lt Gen Bornemann and the delegation from NATO  HQ  had the opportunity to meet with the Presidency and the Security Council of Mongolia, as well to visit the Mongolian Institute of Strategic Studies.

The programme included meetings with H.E. Luvsanvandan Bold, Minister of Defence, Mr Surenkhuui Baasankhuu, Vice Minister of Defence, and Lt.Gen. Tserendejid Byambajav, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Mongolia and Mr. Ulziisaikhan Enktushvin, Secretary of the National Security Council.

This visit reinforced NATO’s ongoing engagement with Mongolia. In particular, LtGen Bornemann took the opportunity to discuss NATO-Mongolian cooperation at the strategic level and Mongolia’s current and future involvement in international crisis management.

Mongolia’s contribution to the ISAF mission in Afghanistan was also discussed and Mongolia’s intention to increase its contingent was welcomed by DGIMS. 

Current threats and security challenges were also covered, including cyber attacks and terrorism as well as the current global financial crisis and its effects on defence planning.

LtGen Bornemann also met with Brigadier General Boldbaatar Zagdsuren, the Director of the Defense University of Mongolia, where DGIMS was invited to a deliver a speech to the directing staff, in which he gave an overview on the current NATO agenda.