Tryphon Paraskevopoulos

Permanent Representative – Greece

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Tryphon Paraskevopoulos, Permanent Representative of Greece to NATO

Birth date: 25 July 1951
Nationality: Greek
Marital status: Single
Education: Master’s degree at the Law School of the Athens University


1978: Joins the Diplomatic Service
1979-1980: Attaché to the Western European and American Department/ Ministry for Foreign Affairs
1980-1981: Chargé d’ Affaires a.i. in Caracas/Venezuela
1981: Acting Director of the Diplomatic Office of the Prime Minister
1981-1985: Head of section at the Middle East Department/ Ministry for Foreign Affairs
1985-1987: Deputy Head for External Relations, Permanent Representation to the European Union in Brussels/Belgium
1987-1990: Member of the European Political Cooperation Secretariat/EC Council of Ministers
1990-1992: Deputy European Correspondent
1992-1993: European Correspondent
1993-1994: Consul General in Los Angeles/U.S.A.
1994-1996: National Coordinator for the peace process in the Middle East
1996-1998: Head of Cyprus Division
1998: Promoted Minister Plenipotentiary B’
1998-1999: Minister and Consul General at the Greek Embassy in Moscow/Russia
1999-2002: Deputy Political Director and Director CFSP/ESDP at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs
2002-2005: Representative of Greece to the European Union Political and Security Committee, in parallel with his duties as Permanent Representative to the W.E.U.
2002/July-2003/June: President of the EU Political and Security Committee
2003: Promoted Minister Plenipotentiary A’
2005-2008: Ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
8.10.2008-31.5.2009: Head of UN & International Organizations and Conferences Division
1.6.2009: Director General for Political Affairs and Political Director

Foreign languages

French, English


Decorations: Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Jordan
Former President of the Union of Greek Diplomats