Stewart Eldon CMG OBE

Permanent Representative – United Kingdom

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Mr Stewart Eldon CMG OBE, UK Permanent Representative to NATO

Stewart Eldon gained a starred First in Electrical Sciences in 1974 at Christ's College, Cambridge.

On joining the Diplomatic Service, he was posted to the United Kingdom Mission to the UN. He then spent four years at the Embassy in Bonn.

After returning to London, Mr Eldon worked on Irish affairs in the FCO. He then served as Private Secretary to Baroness Young, who was at that time Deputy to the Foreign Secretary. He returned to New York in 1986, where he covered African and Asian issues at the UN.

After this posting, Mr Eldon served as Deputy Crisis Manager during the 1990-91 Gulf War, for which he was awarded an OBE. In December 1991 he was seconded to the Cabinet Office, and involved in the aftermath of the Maastricht Treaty and the UK EU Presidency in 1992.

Mr Eldon spent 1993/94 on sabbatical at Harvard University. His research paper on the Impact of new Information Systems on Foreign Ministries was published by Chatham House in London.

Mr Eldon was then posted to the UK Delegation to NATO in Brussels. He worked on European Defence, the enlargement of NATO, and the Alliance's outreach to the East. In September 1997, as FCO Director (Conferences), he handled the organisation of the four major Summit Conferences held in the UK between October 1997 and June 1998.

In September 1998 Mr Eldon was appointed Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York. He was made a CMG in 1999.

After leaving the UN in September 2002, Mr Eldon spent three months at Yale University. His work there on East Timor (on which he was personally involved at the UN) forms part of a book on the UN Security Council published by the International Peace Academy in New York.

Mr Eldon was appointed British Ambassador to Ireland in April 2003. He took up post at NATO in August 2006.