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4 May. 2018

Deputy Secretary General visits Bulgaria and meets with EU Defence Ministers

NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller was in Sofia (4-5 May 2018) to discuss NATO’s response to current security challenges, Bulgaria’s contributions to the Alliance, and NATO-EU cooperation.

2 May. 2018

NATO works closely with Iraq to strengthen good governance in the Iraqi security structures

Over a hundred representatives from twenty ministries and institutions across the Iraqi government attended a workshop organized by NATO in Baghdad, on 24 to 26 April 2018. The focus was on best practices to strengthen transparency, accountability and good governance within the national security institutions and other government structures.

2 May. 2018

Exercise Siil 2018 kicks off in Estonia

Exercise Siil 2018, involving over 15,000 Allied and partner troops from 19 different countries, as well as forces from NATO's enhanced Forward Presence, kicked off in Estonia on Wednesday (2 May 2018).

2 May. 2018

Portugal, Spain and France take over Baltic air policing duties

30 Apr. 2018

NATO wins the world’s largest live-fire cyber exercise

NATO has won the world’s largest live-fire cyber exercise, Locked Shields 2018. After an intense competition from 23 to 26 April, NATO’s “Blue team” of 30 cyber defenders − led by the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency − took the top prize in Tallinn, Estonia. French and Czech teams placed second and third, respectively. In total more than 1,000 experts from nearly 30 nations participated this year.

27 Apr. 2018

Statement by Foreign Ministers on Afghanistan

27 Apr. 2018

NATO Foreign Ministers prepare for Brussels Summit, agree details for Iraq training mission

Foreign Ministers have decided key details for a NATO training mission in Iraq, due to be launched at the Brussels Summit in July. Meeting on Friday (27 April 2018), they agreed that the mission will include several hundred personnel, who will train Iraqi instructors and develop Iraqi military schools. Ministers also addressed developments across the Middle East and North Africa, including the Alliance’s support for Jordan and Tunisia. Earlier in the day, ministers discussed the implications of Russia’s foreign and defence policies. “We agreed that our dual-track policy of strong deterrence and defence combined with meaningful dialogue is the right one,” said Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

27 Apr. 2018

Director General of the NATO International Military Staff visits Georgia

Lieutenant General Jan Broeks, Director General of the NATO International Military Staff visited Georgia on 25 April 2018. During his visit, Lieutenant General Broeks met with Mr. Levan Izoria, Minister of Defence and Colonel Nikoloz Janjgava, First Deputy Chief of Defence, and other high-ranking Georgian officials. The Director General also visited the NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Evaluation Centre (JTEC).

27 Apr. 2018

Secretary General chairs last-ever North Atlantic Council meeting in NATO’s original Brussels Headquarters building

The Secretary General today (Friday 27 April) concluded a meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers by noting that it was the final meeting of the North Atlantic Council to take place in the Headquarters building the Alliance has occupied since 1967.

27 Apr. 2018

NATO Foreign Ministers release statement of support for Afghanistan

NATO Foreign Ministers expressed continued commitment to Afghanistan in a statement on Friday (27 April 2018). Welcoming President Ghani's proposed peace talks, ministers called parliamentary and presidential elections "essential for peace", and called on regional actors to play a constructive role. "NATO will continue to provide the support that the Afghan Government has requested so we can help Afghanistan fully provide for its own security," they said.

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