New Information Office in Moscow

  • 20 Feb. 2001
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At the inauguration ceremony of the new NATO Information Office in Moscow on 20 February, NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson, emphasised the major role the office would play in informing Russian citizens on the new NATO and helping to reinforce NATO-Russia cooperation. He stated that "More than ten years after the end of the Cold War, at the start of the 21st century, the NATO-Russia relationship must evolve into a true strategic partnership. The NATO Information Office represents one pioneering step along this road". The Information Office is located in central Moscow and will be open and fully running in the near future.

Before the ceremony, Lord Robertson had a meeting with President Putin. He also met the Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Ivanov, the Minister of Defence Marshal Sergeyev, the Secretary of State of the Security Council Sergey Ivanov, the Minister for Civil Emergency General Shoigu and members of the State Duma.

The following day, on 21 Feburary, he was invited to give a speech at the Institute for Foreign Relations (MGIMO). He also participated in the third "Winter Academy" organised for young Russian postgraduates at the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences (INION). This year's event focused on "Transatlantic relations within the framework of NATO" and comprised lectures, seminars and assigned reading over a period of ten days.