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25 Oct. 2021 210615a-001.jpg - NATO Building Integrity team conducts train-the-trainers programme in Iraq, March-July 2021, 59.42KB

NATO Building Integrity team conducts train-the-trainers programme in Iraq

In August 2021, a NATO Building Integrity (BI) team, in cooperation with NATO Mission Iraq (NMI) and Allied Joint Force Command Naples (JFCN), concluded the BI train-the-trainers programme for the Ministerial Training and Development Centre (MTDC) of the Ministry of Defence of Iraq.
07 Jun. 2021 210607-dsg-zero-corruption.jpg, 49.83KB

Deputy Secretary General underlines NATO support for Ukraine

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană underlined the Alliance’s enduring support for Ukraine and its ambitious reform agenda at the ‘Zero Corruption: Democracy in Action’ conference on Monday (7 June 2021). Speaking via video link, he stressed that fighting corruption is a critical way to defend democracy and encouraged the government of Ukraine to keep up its efforts in this area.
21 Apr. 2021 210401-BI-Glossary.jpg, 15.66KB

NATO Building Integrity: New Glossary of Human Resource Management in the Public Sector

The NATO Building Integrity (BI) toolkit has a new effective learning tool – ''Glossary of Human Resource Management in the Public Sector''. Developed by the Norwegian Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS), this new, quick and reliable reference material is designed for civil servants and public sector managers as well as individuals from civil society organisations and media.
07 Jul. 2020 200707-osce.jpg, 22.17KB

NATO participates in Albanian OSCE Chairmanship High-Level Conference on combating corruption

More than 100 high-level participants, ministers and deputy ministers were invited by the Albanian OSCE Chairmanship to share best practices and lessons learned at the virtual conference “Good Governance and the Fight against Corruption in the Digital Era”, on 6 and 7 July 2020. NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Operations Jonathan Parish shared NATO’s experience on the impact of corruption on stability and security.
09 Jun. 2020 200608-bi-handbook.jpg, 35.22KB

New NATO Building Integrity in Operations Handbook

The Building Integrity (BI) toolkit now has a practical and effective learning tool – the “BI in Operations Handbook”. Its aim is to raise awareness of corruption risks and their impact on mission success, and to enhance professionalism and effectiveness across NATO and relevant national structures.
05 Mar. 2019 190305-building-integrity-conference.jpg - 190305-building-integrity-conference.jpg, 48.60KB

NATO Conference discusses the impact of poor governance as a security risk

Representatives from NATO nations and partner countries gathered in Washington DC on Tuesday (5 March) to discuss how to promote better governance, accountability and transparency in the defence and security sector. They were joined by delegates from international organisations, NGOs and the private sector for the three-day “NATO 2019 Building Integrity Conference”, with a focus on the challenges to build capable defence institutions.
18 Dec. 2018 181218-bi.jpg - 181218-bi.jpg, 72.02KB

Norway, Switzerland, the UK and EU sign Building Integrity arrangement for 2019-2022 with NATO

On 17 December 2018, representatives from Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the European Union, as well as Ambassador Alejandro Alvargonzález, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy, signed the Building Integrity (BI) Executing Agent Arrangement for the fourth phase of the BI Trust Fund for 2019-2022.
10 Dec. 2018 181210_NATO-EC_treaty.jpg - 181210_NATO-EC_treaty.jpg, 49.83KB

NATO and the EU sign agreement to support good governance

NATO and the European Union signed an agreement on Monday 10 December to cooperate in promoting good governance in the defence and security sector. As part of this agreement, the European Union will contribute 2 million EUR to the NATO Building Integrity (BI) Trust Fund for 2019-2022.
08 Nov. 2018

Building integrity essential for security agenda

On 11 October, 2018, the Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS) hosted a conference entitled, “Why building integrity, institution building and anti-corruption belong on the security agenda”. Discussions covered the wider context of Building Integrity (BI).
08 Nov. 2018 181010-bi-rome.jpg - 181010-bi-rome.jpg, 64.32KB

Building Integrity experts review progress in Rome

The annual Building Integrity (BI) Discipline Conference took place at NATO Defense College on 10 and 11 October, 2018 in Rome, Italy. Experts on BI, including representatives from NATO Headquarters and Commands, as well as academics and practitioners from member and partner countries discussed the role of BI in defence, security and education.

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