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30 Jun. 2022 220629i-047.jpg - Meeting of the North Atlantic Council at the level of Heads of State and Government with Partners - NATO Summit Madrid - Spain, 27-30 June 2022, 116.50KB

Madrid Summit ends with far-reaching decisions to transform NATO

The NATO Summit in Madrid drew to a close on Thursday (30 June 2022) with decisions to transform and strengthen the Alliance. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: “The decisions we have taken in Madrid will ensure that our Alliance continues to preserve peace, prevent conflict, and protect our people and our values. Europe and North America, standing together in NATO.”
30 Jun. 2022 220630c-005.jpg - Press conference by the NATO Secretary General - NATO Summit Madrid - Spain, 27-30 June 2022, 93.62KB

Secretary General wraps up “transformative” NATO Summit

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday (30 June 2022) said NATO leaders signed off on key decisions, including a fundamental strengthening of NATO’s deterrence and defence, an invitation to Finland and Sweden to join NATO and long-term support to Ukraine.
30 Jun. 2022 220630-sign.jpg - - NATO Summit Madrid - Spain, 27-30 June 2022, 103.17KB

NATO launches Innovation Fund

On Thursday (30 June 2022), at a signing ceremony hosted by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Leaders and Ministers from 22 Allied countries* launched NATO’s Innovation Fund, the world’s first multi-sovereign venture capital fund.
29 Jun. 2022 220629-sg-doorstep.jpeg, 40.04KB

NATO leaders set to take key decisions to transform the Alliance

Arriving at the start of the NATO Summit in Madrid on Wednesday (29 June 2022), Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg outlined the key decisions that will be taken to transform the Alliance and protect its citizens.
29 Jun. 2022 220629-sg-potus.jpg, 66.28KB

Secretary General welcomes US President to NATO Summit

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed US President Joe Biden to the NATO Summit in Madrid on Wednesday (29 June 2022). The Secretary General thanked President Biden for his “decisive leadership in strengthening the transatlantic bond” during Russia’s war on Ukraine, demonstrated by the President’s announcement to further increase US presence in Europe.
29 Jun. 2022 220629i-040.jpg - Meeting of the North Atlantic Council at the level of Heads of State and Government with Partners - NATO Summit Madrid - Spain, 27-30 June 2022, 107.23KB

NATO leaders meet with key partners to address global challenges, Indo-Pacific partners participate in a NATO Summit for the first time

At the Madrid Summit on Wednesday (29 June 2022), Allied leaders were joined by some of NATO’s closest partners to address global challenges. Indo-Pacific partners Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the Republic of Korea participated in a NATO Summit for the first time. The European Union and Georgia also took part in the meeting, as did Finland and Sweden, who have today been invited to become NATO members.
29 Jun. 2022 220629c-001.jpg - Official photo - NATO Summit Madrid - Spain, 27-30 June 2022, 103.61KB

NATO agrees new Strategic Concept, strengthened deterrence and defence, more support for Ukraine, invites for Finland and Sweden

NATO leaders took far-reaching decisions to continue adapting the Alliance in the first working session at the Madrid Summit on Wednesday (29 June 2022). Allies endorsed NATO's new Strategic Concept, the blueprint for the Alliance in a more dangerous and competitive world. They also decided a ''fundamental shift in our deterrence and defence'', underpinned by increased defence investment and common funding, as well as more support to Ukraine for the longer term.
29 Jun. 2022 220629-sg-strategic-concept.jpg, 67.04KB

NATO leaders approve new Strategic Concept

NATO Heads of State and Government meeting in Madrid on Wednesday (29 June 2022) approved a new Strategic Concept for the Alliance, setting out the Alliance’s priorities, core tasks and approaches for the next decade. The Concept describes the security environment facing the Alliance, reaffirms our values, and spells out NATO’s key purpose of ensuring our collective defence. It further sets out NATO’s three core tasks of deterrence and defence; crisis prevention and management; and cooperative security.
28 Jun. 2022 220628-climate-report.jpg, 60.29KB

NATO releases its Climate Change and Security Impact Assessment

In a 'sobering' assessment report released today (28 June 2022), NATO recognises climate change as an 'overarching challenge of our time' that will 'measurably' increase the risks to security and ‘worsen as the world warms further’. It calls for a fundamental transformation of NATO’s approach to defence and security and sets NATO as a leading international organisation in understanding and adapting to climate change.
28 Jun. 2022 220628-sg-pm.jpeg, 46.58KB

Secretary General arrives in Madrid, thanks Spain for hosting historic NATO Summit

Arriving in Madrid on Tuesday (28 June 2022), Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg thanked Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez for hosting the historic NATO Summit that is taking place from 28 to 30 June. Noting that this year marks 40 years of Spain’s NATO membership, Mr Stoltenberg also thanked the Prime Minister for Spain’s many contributions to Euro-Atlantic security.

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