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1949 -1951

The Defence Committee (DC) was established by the North Atlantic Council at its first meeting; it was tasked with drawing up unified defense plans for the North Atlantic area. It met 4 times between October 1949 and December 1950 when it disappeared as a separate ministerial body.

- Records minutes/verbatim of the four meetings of the DC
- Documents (DC 1 to DC 32)
- 90 Memoranda (DM and DCM)


The Military Committee, composed of the chiefs of Staff of the NATO Countries or of their representatives is the highest military authority of the Organization. It is responsible for providing the Council with military advice as well as directives and guidance to its subordinate authorities.

- Documents (MC) created by the Military Committee and the Military Committee in Permanent Session
- Records of Meetings (and in some cases verbatim ); (Record-MC/CS); Records-MC
- Memoranda: the first 8 records carry the reference MM and then the documents are marked MCM.


Composed of representatives of each of the NATO countries it served as a link between the Standing Group and national military authorities. It met in Washington alongside the Standing Group. In 1957 the MRC was reorganized and designated as the Military Committee in Permanent Session.

- MRC Summary Records of Meetings (1950-1957): 147 meetings were held;
- Summary Records of 20 meetings of the Military Committee in Permanent Session (1958); from the 14th meeting documents carry the reference MC/PS;
- Reports MRC (1950 - 1953): 47 documents.

(1949 - 1966)

Created at the same time as the Military Committee, it was composed of one representative of each of the Chiefs-of-Staff of France, the United Kingdom and the United States. It acted, in permanent session, as the executive body of the Military Committee. The Standing Group was disestablished in 1966 and its authority was transferred to the Military Committee. It had established offices in Washington and functioned with a Secretariat; it exercised day-to-day executive authority over the Regional planning Groups and the Allied Military Commands which succeeded them.

- Documents [1949 - 1966] : SG 1 to SG 265
- Minutes/Records of meetings which took place between 1949 and 1966; there are also records of informal and special meetings.

  • Standing Group Memoranda [SGM] (1949-1966) [ca. 5800 records]
  • Chairman SG Memoranda [CSGM] (1951-1966) [90 records]
  • Standing Group Message [STAND] (1950-1965) [ca. 1700 records]
  • Director SG memoranda [DSGM] (1949-1966) [ca. 80 records]
  • Standing Group Director's meeting - Record [DSGM] (1950-1951) [17 records]
  • Steering Committee of the SG- Records of meetings [Record-SC] (1951-1965) [ca. 600 records]
  • London Branch Standing Group Memoranda [LBSG] (1951-1952) [111 records]
  • Standing Group Liaison Office Memoranda [SGLP] (1952-1955) [ca.1700 records]
  • Liaison Office to the Standing Group [LOM] (1951-1965) [ca. 700 records]
  • Messages to Standing Group [LOSTAN] (1951-1965) [ca.2900 records]


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