Updated: 20-Feb-2001 NATO the first five years 1949-1954

Part 2
Chapter 6
Annex D

by Lord Ismay

Secretary General



Allied Command Atlantic 1st July, 1954

Supreme Allied Commander Atlantic
: Admiral Jerauld Wright (USA)

Deputy Supreme Commander: Vice-Admiral John F. Stevens (UK)

  1. Commander-in-Chief Western Atlantic Area
    Admiral Jerauld Wright (USA)
    1. Commander United States Atlantic Sub-area Vice-Admiral Laurance T. DuBose (USA)
    2. Commander Canadian Atlantic Sub-area
      Rear Admiral R. E. S. Bidwell (Canada)
    3. Air Commander Canadian Atlantic Sub-area Air Commodore A. D. Ross (Canada)
    4. Commander Ocean Sub-area
      Admiral Jerauld Wright (USA)

  2. Commander-in-Chief Eastern Atlantic Area
    Admiral Sir Michael M. Denny (UK)

    Air Commander-In-Chief Eastern Atlantic Area
    Air Marshal Sir John N. Boothman (UK)

    1. Commander Northern Sub-area
      Rear Admiral W. G. A. Robson (UK)
    2. Air Commander Northern Sub-area
      Air Vice-Marshal R. L. Ragg (UK)
    3. Commander Central Sub-area
      Admiral Sir Alexander C. G. Madden (UK)
    4. Air Commander Central Sub-area
      Air Vice-Marshal T. G. Trail! (UK)
    5. Commander Bay of Biscay Sub-area Vice-Admiral Jourdain (France)
    6. Commander Submarine Forces Eastern Atlantic Rear Admiral G. B. H. Fawkes (UK)

  3. Commander Striking Fleet Atlantic
    Vice-Admiral Edmund T. Wooldridge (USA)

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