Updated: 20-Feb-2001 NATO the first five years 1949-1954

Part 2
Chapter 6
Annex C

by Lord Ismay

Secretary General



Allied Command Europe 1st July, 1954

Supreme Allied Commander Europe:
General Alfred M. Gruenther (USA)

Deputy Supreme Commander: Field Marshal the Viscount Montgomery of Alamein (UK)

Naval Deputy: Admiral Lemonnier (France)

Air Deputy: General Lauris Norstad (USA)

  1. Commander-In-Chief Allied Forces Northern Europe: General Sir Robert Mansergh (UK)
    1. Commander Allied Land Forces Norway Major General R. Holterman (Norway)
    2. Commander Allied Land Forces Denmark Lt. Gen. E. C. V. Meller (Denmark)
    3. Commander Allied Air Forces Northern Europe Major General W. R. Carter (USA)
    4. Commander Allied Naval Forces Northern Europe Vice-Admiral Sir Evans Lombe (UK)
  2. Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces Central Europe
    Marshal Juin (France)
    1. Commander Allied Land Forces Central Europe General Carpentier (France)
    2. Commander Allied Air Forces Central Europe Air Chief Marshal Sir Basil Embry (UK)
    3. Commander Allied Naval Forces Central Europe Vice-Admiral Jaujard (France)
  3. Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces Southern Europe:
    Admiral W. M. Fechteler (USA)
    1. Commander Allied Land Forces South East Europe Lt. Gen. P. W. Kendall (USA)
    2. Commander Allied Land Forces Southern Europe Lt. Gen. E. G. Frattim (Italy)
    3. Commander Allied Air Forces Southern Europe Lt. Gen. L. C. Craigie (USA)
    4. Commander Naval Striking & Support Forces Southern Europe Vice-Admiral T. S. Combs (USA)
  4. Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces Mediterranean: Admiral the Earl Mountbatten of Burma (UK)
    1. Commander Gibraltar
      Rear Admiral H. P. Currey (UK)
    2. Commander Western Mediterranean Vice-Admiral Sala (France)
    3. Commander Central Mediterranean Vice-Admiral M. Girosi (Italy)
    4. Commander Eastern Mediterranean Vice-Admiral P. Lappas (Greece)
    5. Commander South East Mediterranean
      Admiral the Earl Mountbattan of Burma (UK) (1)
    6. Commander North Eastern Mediterranean Admiral S. Altmcan (Turkey)


  1. To be succeeded in December, 1954, by Admiral Sir Guy Grantham (UK).
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