Updated: 20-Feb-2001 NATO the first five years 1949-1954

Part 2
Chapter 6
Annex A

by Lord Ismay

Secretary General



Chairmen of the North Atlantic Council


Mr. Dean G. Acheson
(United States)
1950-1951 M. Paul van Zeeland
(Belgium) (Canada)
1951-1952 Mr. Lester B. Pearson
1952-1953 M. Ole Bjorn Kraft
1953-1954 M. Georges Bidault /
M. Pierre Mendes France
1954- M. Stephanos Stephanopoulos (Greece)


Permanent Representatives to the North Atlantic Council


Belgium M. Andre de Staercke
Canada Mr. L. Dana Wilgress
(succeeded Mr. A. D. P. Heeney)
Denmark M. J. A. Vestbirk
(succeeded M. de Steensen-Leth)
France M. Herve Alphand (1)
Greece M. G. Exintaris
(succeeded M. Pipinelis)
Iceland M. H. G. Andersen
(succeeded M. Gunnlaugur Petursson)
Italy M. Adotfo Alessandrini
(succeeded M. Alberto Rossi Longhi)
Luxembourg M. Nicolas Hommel
(succeeded M. A. Wehrer)
Netherlands Jonkheer A. W. L. Tjarda van Starkenborgh-Stacliouwer
Norway M. Arne Skaug
Portugal Comte de Tovar
Turkey M. Fatin R. Zorlu
United Kingdom Sir Christopher Steel
(succeeded Sir Frederick Hoyer Millar)
United States Mr. John A. Hughes
(succeeded Mr. William H. Draper Jr.)


  1. Succeeded in September, 1954, by M. Maurice Couve de Murville.


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