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Ukraine And European Security -
International Mechanisms As Non-Military
Options For National Security Of Ukraine.

Bohdan LUPIY

(Ukraine - 1996)



GoChapter 1 National Security Of Ukraine

    GoSection 1. Understanding the Issues: Theoretical Background
    GoSection 2. Sectoral Analysis of Ukraine's National Security
      2.1 Political Dimension
      2.2 Military Sector
      2.3 Economic Sector
      2.4 Societal Sector
      2.5 Environmental Sector
    GoSection 3. Conclusions: Consideration of the threats to the National Security of Ukraine

GoChapter 2 Ukraine's National Interests. Existing Trends In Foreign And Security Policies

    GoSection 1. Theoretical Background
    GoSection 2. Ukrainian Foreign and Security Policy and Realization of National Policy Objectives
      2.1. Initial Formation of Ukraine's State Policy
      2.2. Political Elite of Ukraine and its Security Policy Vision
      2.3. A New Phase
    GoSection 3. Future Prospects: Strengthening State Security Through Integration
GoChapter 3 'Gradual' Approach

    GoSection 1. Ukraine's Policies on the level of Sub-regional cooperation
      1.1. Theoretical Background: Integration
    GoSection 2. Ukraine and the CIS
      2.1. Emergence and original development of the Commonwealth of Independent states
      2.2. Ukrainian and Russian Vision of the CIS
      2.3. CIS and Ukrainian-Russian bilateral Relations
      2.4. CIS Integration as the Development of Political Formation
      2.5. Ukraine and the Future of the CIS
    GoSection 3. Central and Eastern European States
      3.1. Initial Relations and Prospects for Block Formation
      3.2. Bilateral Cooperation
    GoSection 4. Implementation of the strategic goals of Ukrainian policy to the countries of Eastern-Central Europe
GoChapter 4 "Evolutionary Approach" - Ukraine And European International Establishments

    GoSection 1. Ukraine's Vision of European International Organizations and the Question of Security Guarantees
    GoSection 2. Ukraine and OSCE
      2.1. Initial Steps
      2.2. Helsinki Principles and Ukraine's Territorial Integrity
      2.3. OSCE Confidence and Security Building Measures and Arms Control Regime in Europe
      2.4. Ukraine and OSCE Mechanisms and Procedures: Problems with Practical Employment
      2.5. Future Prospects
    GoSection 3. Ukraine and Council of Europe
      3.1. Future Prospects
    GoSection 4. Ukraine and NATO
      4.1. Ukraine and Expansion of NATO
      4.2. Ukraine and NATO: from Cooperation to the PFP Individual Program
      4.3. Future Prospcts
    GoSection 5. Ukraine and Western Europe - Relations with the European Union and the WEU
      5.1. Western European 'Ukrainian' Policy Vision - Bilateral Relations
      5.2. Ukraine and European Union
      5.3. Ukraine and WEU
      5.4. Future Prospects
    GoSection 6. Ukraine and International Financial Institutions
      6.1. Future Prospects
GoConcluding Remarks


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