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Ukraine And European Security - International Mechanisms
As Non-Military Options For National Security Of Ukraine.

Bohdan Lupiy
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GoChapter 4. "Evolutionary" Approach" - Ukraine And European International Establishments.
GoSection 5. Ukraine and Western Europe - Relations with the European Union and the WEU.

5.3 Ukraine and WEU

As far as the main subject of this study is Ukraine's security, a few remarks should be made about relevant security arrangements for Ukraine within the framework of EU's close cooperation with the Western European Union (WEU), which under the 1991 EEC Maastricht Treaty, is to develop into the defence arm of the European Union.

During all period of Ukraine's dealings with Western Europe, its interaction with the WEU has been rather weak and continued on the modest level through several official meetings. While having limited chances to join the Euroepan Union, Ukraine was neither among countries included in 1992 in the WEU Forum of Consultations for Central and Eastern European states.(319) Despite that WEU had little to offer Ukraine in terms of closer cooperation, Kiev nevertheless, counted on obtaining "associted status" from the WEU. In a speech to the WEU Assembly on 2 December 1993, then Foreign Minister of Ukraine Anatoly Zlenko argued: "Ukraine's participation in the WEU Assembly, with observer status as the initial step, would create the possibility of starting a real process of cooperation. We are deeply convinced that wide perspectives exist for such cooperation between WEU and Ukraine."(320)

Later on, when the WEU has established associated partnership with some Central European states in mid-1994, Ukraine's evaluation of this initiative was somewhat contrary to the CEE manifold approach.

While welcoming a cooperative notion of this program, Ukraine critisized its exclusive character, as it functioning curently on scheme '6+3', which can work solely in favour of only several states.(321) It should be noted, hovewer that this critic was made through comparison to the 'inclusive' character of NATO "Partnership for Peace", which Kiev beholds as currently more efficient for Ukraine's needs.

Finally, algthough the possibilities for further collaboration with the WEU were highlighted during the recent visit of Ukrainian President to Brussels in the summer of 1995, it seems that on current stage Ukraine naturally regards particular importance for the "Parnership for Peace" within NATO and does not behold WEU cooperative activities as realistically workable now.

This point does not exclude closer WEU-Ukraine cooperation in future. In parallel, there is a need for the West to consider a realistic set of measures within all European security organizations, in order to avoid possible duplication in the co- activities with Central and Eastern European partners.

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