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Ukraine And European Security - International Mechanisms
As Non-Military Options For National Security Of Ukraine.

Bohdan Lupiy
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GoChapter 4. "Evolutionary" Approach" - Ukraine And European International Establishments.
GoSection 3. Ukraine and The Council of Europe

3.1 Future prospects

Given current Ukrainian status of neutrality and mid-way phase in the process of transition to democratic market society, the value of the Council of Europe can hardly be underestimated. This organization, which aimed at protecting and promoting pluralist democracy, human rights and European cultural identity, becomes even more significant in uniting Ukraine strongly with Europe.

At the same time Ukraine's recent accession to the Council strengthens and facilitates the process of adoption of a new basic state legislation - one of the crucial challenges to Ukraine's leadership. As it was suggested above, current absence of a new Constitution has produced many internal controversies and significantly restricted the process of country's democratic development.

Besides its own capabilities to assist Ukraine in the elaboration of necessary legislation, the Council of Europe provides Ukraine with functional opportunity to cooperate with other establishments, Here, it is important to mention the role of the European Commission for Democracy Through Law, also known as Venice Commission (VC), which deals with constitutional and legal issues of the Central and Eastern European countries and provides expertise and legal assistance to their governments in the process of constitutional and legislative reforms.(277)

The Venice Commission has already examined several key Ukrainian legal texts: draft segments of a new Constitution, the recent Constitutional agreement, and a draft Bill on Human Rights, and the practical suggestions given by the experts to Ukrainian legal specialists were of crucial role in complying with the requirements of admittance in CE.(278)

The expansion of the CoE democratic principles and values will at the same time help to strengthen the social security of Ukraine as far as this organization aimed to seek resolution to the different problems facing by European societies, through its achieved institutions - European Commission, Court of Human Rights, Social Development Fund.(279)

Finally, active use of the cooperative structure of the Council of Europe can also significantly contribute to the development of Ukraine's contacts with Western Europe on fighting steadily increasing crime activities in Ukraine, which are of the extreme concern for Kiev and constitute one of the main targets in Presidential plan for country's reformation.

The interaction design of the Council of Europe's cooperation structures in the field of combating drug abuse and trafficking, such as the Pompidou Group, as well as the relevant European Conventions concerning money-laundering, mutual assistance, extradition, etc.,(280) offer one more practical contribution to the solution of problems in these fields, threatening the security of Ukrainian society.

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