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Ukraine And European Security - International Mechanisms
As Non-Military Options For National Security Of Ukraine.

Bohdan Lupiy
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GoChapter 1. National Security Of Ukraine
GoSection 2 Sectoral Analysis of Ukraine's National Security

2.5 Environmental sector

In the realm of Security studies the environmental sector has traditionally occupied a meaningless place in state's security concept. Typically, the ecological problems "were seen as part of the struggle of humans against nature, whereas national security issues much more from the struggle of humans each other"(96)

This situation is different with regard to Ukraine's ecological challenges, especially when considering the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster and complex assortment of other environmental issues, including massive air and water pollution, soil degradation, deforestation. As sociological polls argue, the public of Ukraine feels a strong concern about the environmental threats and people's distress to nuclear power stations is primarily strong.(97)

Besides obvious negative consequences to the internal security, environmental concerns have also important international implications, especially if to consider country's location at the geographic center of Europe, its boundaries with nine European states and direct access to the Black Sea and Asov Sea areas, inhabited by 160 million of people. In spite of this, there is a serious problem, that Ukraine does not yet have a comprehensive environmental program. The current law of the protection of environment cannot be realized, especially from the economic point of view, since it would need closing majority of the domestic industries as well as currently functioning Chernobyl nuclear power station.(98)

Finally, one can assume direct interdependence of ecological, political and economic sectors in Ukraine's security domain. While Ukraine needs a quick and substantial financial and technical assistance from the West to settle its ecological problems, to gain this support it should assure Western partners, that necessary assistance will lead Ukraine to the concrete effect. On the other hand, this interdepence is clearly seen on all levels, while political and economic consequences of environmental processes in Ukraine are not stagnant and spill over the country's boundaries. If not addressed in time, Ukrainian ecological deterioration would significantly spread over entire Europe, leading to a serious and undesirable outcomes.

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