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Finns on their 19th mission

by 1Capt. Lorenc Aleksi

First published in SFOR Informer #11, May 27, 1997

Doboj - The Finnish contingent, part of the Nordic-Polish (NORDPOL) Brigade, is on its 19th peacekeeping mission outside its national borders since 1956. "Every finsT.JPG (9090 bytes)peacekeeping mission is important," said Maj. Teuvo Tikkannen, Civil Military Co-operation Officer. "But the SFOR mission is particularly interesting, because all the objectives of the Dayton Peace Agreement are coming together well in both its military and civilian aspects," he added.

Containing three companies: construction engineering, mechanised infantry, and headquarters, the Finnish Battalion, deployed in Doboj in Multinational Division North, has numerous tasks. The construction engineering company has accomplished such projects as rebuilding and repairing of schools, and they have repaired 50 km of roads and constructed five small bridges.

The mechanised infantry company was established in January, and does not have its own area of responsibility. The soldiers in the company are tasked by other battalions in the NORDPOL Brigade. Currently, one of its platoons guards the Brigade headquarters.

[Finnish soldier]