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Nordic Polish Support Group

By Lt. Oystein Paulsen
First published in
SFOR Informer #72, 13 Oct, 1999

Pcs, Hungary - The Nordic Polish Support Group (NSG), located in Camp Anneli, Pcs, Hungary, is a supply and logistic co-ordinating element for the Nordic Polish Brigade (NPBDE) in Multinational Division North (MND-N) in Bosnia- and Hercegovina (BiH). "By establishing one support and logistic element for the whole Nordic Polish Brigade, each of the five participating countries saves a lot of money and resources, said Capt. Thorsten Fleck-Baustian, second in command of the NSG Headquarters Company (HQ COY). A total of around 120 soldiers, non commissioned officers and officers from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Poland are based in Pcs. Each nation has their own, independent National Support Element (NSE), but a joint administrative element, the Headquarters Company NSG runs the camp. NSG staff takes care of amongst others, personnel matters, finance, logistic operations and movement control within the NPBDE. Norway is the lead nation in the NSG, and runs the HQ Company. The positions of the Officer Commanding (OC) and the other officers of the NSG staff, rotate between the five nations every six months, and for the time being, the CO is a Polish Colonel. "Our job to transport cargo, supplies of water and fuel to our units in the NPBDE. The reason why we are based in Hungary is that the country has a much better infrastructure than BiH has. Pcs is no more than a few hours by truck away from our units in the NPBDE. It is very easy to send cargo by truck, railway or plane from our five countries in the Brigade to Hungary. Another important reason is that Hungary is a favorable country when it comes to local purchases," said Capt. Fleck-Baustian.

The HQ Company consists of several different platoons and sections. The Camp Platoon runs the camp, while the Transport Platoon is responsible for transport of supplies between the NSE's in Hungary and their Battalions in BiH, and for transport within the NORDPOL Brigade area of responsibility (AOR). "The Norwegian Transport Platoon is divided into three different sections; cargo, fuel and water. For practical reasons the Transport Platoon is co-located with the Norwegian Infantry Battalion in Modrica. They are responsible for the transportation and distribution of cargo, water and fuel for the Brigade. The platoon is under the tactical supervision of the NSG Logistic Operations here in Camp Anneli. They receive transport requests from both the NORDPOL Brigade and the National Support Elements within the NSG," said Capt. Fleck-Baustian. The NSG has no big warehouse in Pcs. "Camp Anneli is just a off- and on-loading point for cargo. When a civilian truck comes in from, for instance, Sweden, with cargo for the Swedish units in BiH, the cargo is just re-packed in containers, then hooked up onto Transport Platoon NSG trucks, and immediately distributed down to BiH," Capt. Fleck-Baustian added.