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Stabilisation Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SFOR)

Multinational Task Force (North)
HQ located in Tuzla
Task Force Eagle

Multinational Task Force (Northwest)
HQ located in Banja Luka

Multinational Task Force (Southeast)
HQ located in Mostar

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
Provides political direction of SFOR
HQ in Brussels, Belgium

Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE)
Top level military command of SFOR
Located in Casteau, near Mons in Belgium

Allied Forces South (AFSOUTH)
HQ SFOR's superior headquarters
Located in the Bagnoli district of Naples, Italy

NATO Headquarters Sarajevo

SFOR international partner organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)
With status conferred by the Dayton Agreement/GFAP

Office of the High Representative (OHR)
An international organisation created to coordinate and facilitate civilian aspects of the peace settlement.

Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)
The OSCE mission in BiH acts to establish regional balance and fairness and to ensure the proper conduct of elections.

European Union Special Representative (EUSR)
The EU Special Representative plays a central a role in promoting overall EU political co-ordination in BIH, and offering political guidance to the EUFOR Commander.

European Union Police Mission (EUPM)
The European Union Police Mission is the first civilian crisis management operation under the European Security and Defence Policy. Its mission is to help the BiH authorities develop local police forces that meet the highest European and international standards and to ensure that sustainable institutional structures are in place by the end of its mandate on 31 December 2005. The EUPM will do this through monitoring, mentoring and inspecting BiH police managerial and operational capacities.

United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)

General Information on Bosnia and Herzegovina

US DOD Bosnia Link

CIA World Fact Book 2001
See the Bosnia and Herzegovina pages

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