Soldier in the Spotlight

By Maj. Valery Kovalenko
First published March 14, 2003

A fearless man, Capt. Denis Denisov, an airborne officer from Russian Military Contingent (RMC), was in the limelight during the celebration of The Day of Motherland's Defender (See SFOR Informer No 159, dated March 6, 2003).
His fellow comrades consider him to be a real master, not only in warfare but in sports as well. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to be awarded with such a high sports degree in Russia.
Denis is actively involved in the military pentathlon. When asked about his hobby, he does not cite traditional passions, such as disco, cinema, parties etc., his only passion is sport.
In 1999, he was appointed platoon leader in Sertolovo, Russia. There, he was promoted to company commander. In the year 2002, he entered the Military Academy of the Russian Federation's Armed Forces to follow the officer's course 'Vistrel'. During four months he studied the latest models of armament: Tank-90, ICV-3 and others.
The year 2002 was full of remarkable events for this young Russian officer. He met his only love Viktoria and married her during the summer. Next, he was chosen to represent Russian Armed Forces abroad, so he moved to Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was appointed deputy commander of the airborne company in RMC.
Denisov continues to train and he has inspired his comrades with sport.
The only hardship that makes his deserved service a little sad is living apart from his beloved wife.
But, recalling his Motherland, his native town St. Petersburg and wonderful sights helps him overcome melancholy and separation.
"Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina can not be reached with the help of weapons or under compulsion. Our priority is to create an environment where people will give force implementation up while solving their problems. Nowadays RMC has launched the 'Active Harvest' operation. We'll pass from house to house unarmed, suggesting that people should hand in their deadly toys in order to get rid of the legacy of war," he said.

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