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Lights, Camera, Action

By 2Lt Alexis Clement
First published in
SFOR Informer #95, August 30, 2000

Doboj - The CIMIC of NORPOL (Nordic countries and Polish contingent HQ) used a local TV station and their camera crew to film a documentary on the purpose of their work. This program will be shown on Sweden, Finland and Denmark's television channels in September to illustrate the importance of the work they're doing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The documentary shows the villagers of Besici rebuilding their houses while they explain how international aid has helped.
The camera crew started in Besici, where construction was needed to ford a river to get to the Muslim part of the town. Since then, SFOR set up a bridge, construction materials have been arriving, and houses have been rebuilt.
Maj. Jeikki Wala, of the second CIMIC Center, offered to build a house for the village, a house that's now habitable.
He said the idea of having a documentary filmed for the unit came about because of three reasons.
"First, we must give an explanation of the work we do to the tax payers, and that way it allows us to finance other events. It also shows to the views in a concrete way about what is happening in Bosnia-Herzegovina because if their vision of the country isn't always wrong, it is often outdated. And finally, by showing that some refugees can make it back to their homes, we are really showing all of them that it is safe to come back," said Wala.

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